June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How long does it take from start to end to make a Concept for a Building?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: How long does it take from start to end to make a Concept for a Building?

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uh i got a question how long does it take from start to end in general for making like a concept for for a building or or something roughly oh god that's uh wow that's that's hard to say i would i would think roughly i mean all the different all the um the buildings are so different in function and complexity but generally i would say we have oh god i hope nobody ever quotes me on that but i would say it's like a week of discussions with game design and and and and tech uh and then probably like a week of concepting and finding out stuff uh while talking to other people um and then it can go to i mean for for example for the fluid picture packages it was like that but it was a rather small rather small buildings so it was like yeah sorry no no go ahead oh yeah so so i guess when you say that you you know you work for on it like concept for a week you don't mean you're drawing for 40 hours straight right like it's i i guess it's it's a lot of waiting for feedback and back and forth discussions as you come up with things is that correct door yeah and part of the drawing is on a whiteboard you know next to mark stable where we just draw and then do and i'm figuring out stuff and then i create a cleaner version because um you don't want to spend 20 hours working on a super well rendered illustration of a building where and the game designer says you know i like the two inputs but we need six inputs and it's like okay let's get back to another 20 hour version you don't want to do that because that's illustration that's not concept art um so yeah it's a it's a week of back and forth and finishing that up uh i would assume would you feel that like anything that's sort of done in the game is that ever finished or do you like revise the science all the time because it feels like some of the buildings have been revised so many times like the train stations and stuff like that yeah some somewhere really yeah it's uh it's hard to say because i've i've been part of the studio for so long but i know that a couple of buildings were redesigned because they were very very old um and i know that game design had uh different requirements for them and they said and game design essentially said well we they need to work differently now so we have to redesign them and i saw that some buildings do not fit completely because after after a while after a few years satisfactory kind of found its vibe and found its visual language and then there were like the old train stations they kinda um it kind of didn't fit that 100 they were they were good but they were not there yet um so we yeah so we redesigned those but uh we're not gonna go improving like or or retouching buildings all the time because because artists are never happy with their work right because a year later you are a better artist than a year before so you want to retouch all your all your other all your older works but that's not how game production will fly so that's not gonna happen