November 16th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: New features in patch

November 16th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: New features in patch

00:00 Intro
00:22 Signs got some new features
00:56 Sign brightness
01:36 Misophonia Mode
02:02 Manually docking at Truck Stations

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and it was a kind of juicy patch actually it was a bunch of stuff I didn't think we were going to have in it it's not just fixes like, there are some like new features that are coming with these patches as well like there are things that we wanted to be in the game that didn't quite make it for experimental but we also wanted to take people's feedback on, certain things before we added some new things, and so that's also happening happening with these patches and like like these signs got some new features there's like now, like the brightness of them you can also change whether or not these signs are matte or or like glossy yeah so you can do that kind of stuff as well like these are some new features there are some other new features that are coming actually and these they're they're not super small but they're pretty handy and, if all goes well we should be releasing some more new stuff this week as well along with fixes a lot of fixes coming out as well some fixes causing more issues which we would then fix later yeah, but, we're working on it and I'm super happy about like the when you were talking about the signs the brightness thing you can set like you can set it way bright and I kind of love that, I know that some people ask like is this is this intentional or not I don't know if like if it's fully intentional but I feel like it was and and like I think it's going to stay that way too so like yeah I feel like it's nice to have if you don't want it don't set the brightness that high right exactly, so, yeah so, enjoy that it's it's great when you're like in a distance you're like where's my base and there's this huge billboard just lights up the sky just look for the lens flare it'll be fine yeah exactly the lens flare will guide it guard your way home oh yeah we also added, how do you pronounce this miss misophonia like the the sensation of like human sounds like like eating mouth sounds and things like that yeah yeah yeah so some people had you know have issues with that and so we have that, a special mode now for that so when you eat like the berries and it doesn't, it doesn't make, mouth sounds yes makes other sounds and did you mention the thing you can also now dock the, trucks to truck stations manually now that was something that a lot of people were missing when we launched on early access so yeah