December 8th, 2020 Livestream Jace Talk: Nathalie

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

Jace Talk: Nathalie

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yeah I think I think all the ui game mechanics aren't like this anymore I remember around this time was when we got our current, ui ux person natalie in we have another person as well, who works with her pontus but at that time it was natalie and she'd come in and we'd never really had a dedicated ui or ux person, and, and she was the only one in the company who was doing it was kind of alone in this one task but she did a fantastic job as we can see today, you know user interface and user experience is like amazing yeah now yeah I just want to point out that, the the the scanner right now is iron ore copper ore and the rock it's actually the wrong, every game needs a natalie you know what she would love to hear that if, you know if you guys are on twitter you should go to him be like thanks natalie did you see what you had in crowd from this is my memory right I can't speak for her but from memory like this was like the first I think this is the first game industry job I think but she had been relatively inexperienced at that time yeah so like there was this mix of, when it's like well I'm the only one taking care of this one massive task but there's also no one else here who's trying to do it so it's just kind of hard so like I don't think she looked at what we had was like and cried I think the vibe I would have got was that she would have seen okay there's a lot of work to do but she's also overwhelmed in the position that she's in, that's that's the vibe that I that that I think I get yeah and in some in some situations here I can see that like some of the like the the menus work the same way and in some ways I think natalie has been like can we please change the ux to not have to like do this thing, because it's I guess it's like both things for her like she also had to redesign based on what existed because like this radial menu is still in the game for instance and she redesigned that but I think there's also other menus where she was just like ah I think there's a better way to present this information than just have it like this and then it's also hard for an entire team that has you know like pretty much never really been trained in that kind of stuff never has focused on it before, you know but then you're but then you're the only person calling that shot must be kind of scary and intimidating I would imagine like hey everyone I'm creating work for you all now because, that I could do all right so I think it's gonna unlock in like okay 15 seconds so let's see what happens if I just roll around did she design the sync store ui I'm not sure if she did or not like it's her and pontius now are the team yeah ux is user experience that's correct, so like I don't know if it was her or both of them it was probably a team effort