March 4th, 2022 Video Outro

March 4th, 2022 Video


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yeah so that was, a lot of fun I really enjoyed that I'm I'm really yeah I didn't know what to expect yeah and, it turned out better than I hoped honestly yeah yeah so, thank you everyone thank you our co-workers who helped us out with this took the time to contribute to the hot potato save file a lot of fun, now what we now we've been wondering like what should we do with this and so what we've sort of decided to do is to take this a little little further we're thinking of continuing the hot potato but with some content creators so we're gonna give it to someone and we're going to kind of just like work with them as they'll do a little bit and then they'll pass it on and pass it on and pass it on we thought that might be a pretty good idea because we think content creators can help push this idea, to the limits basically so, yeah I guess we'll just keep this concept going with some content content creators we'll see who we're gonna be giving it to next and, they can stream it or share videos of it if they wish and just contribute to it and then in a little while we'll take the save back and, react to it again and see what they've done sounds like a plan yeah that's basically what we want to do with this so, keep an eye out for that you guys thank you all very much for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it if you did consider leaving a like and consider subscribing if you're interested in more satisfactory content, thanks for watching everybody hope you have a lovely weekend take care for sure bye bye