March 4th, 2022 Video Snutt & Jace Talk: Hot Potato Punishment Maze

March 4th, 2022 Video

Snutt & Jace Talk: Hot Potato Punishment Maze

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all right let's look at this so so let's check out the maze find the treasure in the maze if you enter the wrong room oh punishment oh no dismantle this wall to start all right let's do it okay we have the we have the boots on yeah yeah we're pros that was a hanging sign is this like some some, saw [ __ ] that's gonna happen here I'd like to play game punishment oh best impression oh no I know what this is no I know I know my impression of you I can do an impression of your impression because my impression of jay says I'm jayce and that's jason's impression of doing an impression of anyone it's it's yeah exactly my name's, but, I guess my my impression is gonna be hey there what a deal that's spot on all right it's like I'm talking to a mirror all right all right all right oh what is this drip drip drip dripping drippity drip present really oh punishment [ __ ] one embarrassing thing that happened oh god I [ __ ] myself right now I need to that that one that okay that one simon saga video you probably know what I'm talking about me and mark at the coffee machine that was embarrassing come on that was that's pure art check it here's the here's the card to it oh the alpha keys going there are many alpha keys for satisfactory game do you have an embarrassing thing I just said it I shouldn't myself oh yeah okay sure that's actually happening no I don't have anything I can't recall anything imagine not having everything- I no I will remember when I go to bed tonight but nuclear okay oh this is oh this is scary this is going to be no this is that now it's the puny pin a random punishment out of ideas give each other a random punishment


say the alphabet backwards no are you no you can't put me on the spot like that that's actually the worst do your best oh yeah okay z comes out before z


this is actually so hard I can actually do this by the way do it z-y-x-w-v-t-s-r-t-u-s-r-q-p-n-m-l wait p-o-n-l-k-j-h-h-g-f-e-d-c-b-a I have no idea if that was correct but someone checked I'm pretty sure it was that was like muscle memory this all feels wrong oh what is this that is very exciting enter for treasure let's do it I feel like this is funny we're going to die oh where does this take us wait but we have to jump oh yeah oh boy we're not there yet okay


what's in the box I guess the prize was the friends we made along the way my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined yeah you know what I expected nothing and I got even less thanks simon to the present factory go with the flow