March 4th, 2022 Video Intro

March 4th, 2022 Video


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hey everyone my name is jace my name is snoop and we're community managers at coffee stain studios and today we got a video that we have been preparing for a little while since yes yes well tell the people tell them I don't know just drag me into your apartment and just like and you're not leaving until you tell the people all right fair enough so a while back we prepared on stream actually a little safe file experiment that we're gonna do so we have like something that we refer to as the hot potato safa which is we played a bit, we play a little bit on stream and we prepare like a little bit of, section and then we've sort of been passing this safe all on, to some of the people at coffee stain and they've been building stuff and we have no idea what they've made yeah, so they've been passing it off from like one person to the next without telling each other what they're doing or anything like that so so we're essentially just going to open that safe all up and just look at it and react to it maybe it's fun maybe it's not we don't know what to do we have no idea what to expect at all like it was saying we did jump in and we did start this off ourselves and we started building ourselves on stream and so, let's just play a real quick bit of the the best highlights from that bit right now oh no wow that was a good bit that was that was incredible amazing I have no idea what we showed it might have only been one second long because who knows maybe there wasn't a lot to show but so yeah so now we're just going to open up the save file that people at the studio have been working on and we'll take just take you guys along for the ride and see what happens and, it's open here now and