September 13th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Space-Giraffe burgers?

September 13th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Space-Giraffe burgers?

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space giraffe Burgers hell yeah that's what I want to see protein Burgers oh the dude so yeah for those who don't know I don't need me, whatever it's not a big deal okay shut up, when we added the like protein thingy like the little package thing oh it's it looks so gross doesn't it come on you gotta agree with me on this looks so weird no will you eat then okay see if you like it foreign on this planet I just saw that video that I made I was like I'd eat that that's that looks yummy give me a grill all right all right Chad I see how it is it looks wrong that's one way to put it I think Grill will come after golf you get the grill on the the food cart when you go up the space elevator get the the little burgers can't say it's bad unless you never tried it so that argument does not work okay have you ever eaten, like poo huh huh well you can't you can't say it's disgusting you unless you've tried it right if you've ever, you know have you ever fallen off a cliff no Well it can't be can't be bad until the dryer right you know like you can definitely you can definitely decide before you try something that like no I'm not gonna like this unfortunately I can say poop is disgusting all right good good to know I have jumped off a cliff into a lake see well well that wasn't bad right so just jump off his equivalent to another Cliff or whatever it can't be that bad right