March 29th, 2022 Livestream State of Dave

March 29th, 2022 Livestream

State of Dave

00:00 Intro
00:14 What's going on with Update 6?
01:10 Figuring out a plan for Update 6
01:55 Not quite ready to unveil the plans
02:05 No concrete plans for Update 6 content
02:22 Satisfactory wasn't planned to have an Early Access release
03:28 Previous Updates
04:07 What if we add Pipes?
05:23 Comparing everything to Update 3
07:01 The goal with the development of the game is to finish it
08:39 We have a plan...
10:08 Update 6 might be a thing, might not be
11:50 1.0 is the one concrete thing
13:36 Considering plans once 1.0 has been released
14:27 Accidental ramble is accidental
14:43 Satisfactory Constructor Lego Set hit 10k upvotes

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oh no no so yeah, it's gonna be a pretty chillax stream, I'm gonna give some information as to what's going on in the world of satisfactory right now, if you haven't been here the last couple of streams, then you might be asking yourself hey snoot where's where's update six why isn't update 6 out yet didn't you specify on the wiki that like update six would be out by now I think we wait what was that let me check the wiki satisfactory I should have checked this before I started streaming because I don't have js to like fill in when I'm doing stuff but let's see unreleased wait no it's future content what's the name of that page I think yes january 5th all right we already blew that one march 8th okay we blew a lot of, anyways so yeah update six what's happening what's going on why why why are you guys so quiet, old news first of all is that you know we said at the beginning of the year that we'd be spending like part of the first year kind of like figuring out what to do with the game and you know what we would be doing next for the next iteration of satisfactory and, that took a bit longer than we anticipated, we're now into march and we are starting I think I think we've sort of come to a sort of conclusion as to what we want to do there's still a few things that we are trying to figure out like, in terms of what what do we have time to do etc etc but we have an idea unfortunately for you guys, we're not quite ready yet to unveil sort of what we're gonna do next, but tldr for you guys who may not have been here the last couple of streams is that update six, we don't know what we what we want to do with like update six fully like content-wise and etc etc because when when we were working on satisfactory up until now we've been in early access now for three years, originally satisfactory was not supposed to go out in early access at all and I think right looking at it looking back at it now it's it's I think we're pretty happy with the decision we took to actually like take the leap into early access which was really scary for us because like I said like we never planned for early access early access was sort of like a just a kind of compromise we had to come to terms with because we've been working on the game for like so long and then at some point we felt like there's so much more we can do with the game, and you know with the the sort of like internal goal that we had for a deadline for release of satisfactory looming we just felt that there's so much more the game could be if and if we just release it now as is you know maybe maybe we'll regret it, and that's sort of where the early access idea was born and then you know that developed into what we have today right so we've been in early access now for three years and we've dropped five updates five pretty big updates well I guess I guess it really kicked off in update three in terms of like the size of the updates, so you know a little bit of like backstory too on that is you know like update one and two were a bit smaller and they weren't like as grand but they had like a lot of stuff in them and there was a lot of stuff that we'd sort of already kind of worked on and there were things that like we just didn't have time to like fully polish for the first like initial release of satisfactory and, but then when we made update three like when we came to the point where like what if we actually had pipes that was like the whole thing the whole premise that kind of kicked off how we've been doing updates really is we wanted to keep it secret we wanted to release pipes because it was a funny meme and it was also like a cool game mechanic that we've also thought about but we never like fully you know worked on it until that point at that point and it's something like we felt that you know we can sort of take that we have that leeway to kind of implement that for update three, so so we we took that we took that time to work on that and we delayed a little bit and we really stopped a3 and update 3 was a really big release like it was a pretty big milestone for us because we managed to put in so many things into the update and then we felt that like wow what a great update let's make update 4 just as grand and you know we put a lot of effort into update 4. and update 4 was you know for some people even bigger than update 3 which was a big huge surprise to us because we always thought like how can we possibly top update three like update three was such a grand like update for us and for you guys and like yeah the fb3 chili was amazing it's still one of my favorite videos we've ever made and then we sort of had that like chip on our shoulder shoulder for a while because we always felt like we always compared ourselves to what we've done in the past like oh remember day three like we always kept like talking about like when we're making trailers so we're making content or making updates like we always went back to the old argument like oh I met but but think about update three or like but it was like this in update three and I and I think that when we came to the point where we wanted to release update four we were kind of scared that update four wouldn't be you know as grand as update three because we were constantly thinking about like up to three was such a huge deal for us and for you guys and we're just gonna let you guys down and then we really stopped at four and update four was like super well received and we didn't think it was going to be such a big update, no wait sorry update five I'm I'm I'm moving ahead a little bit too much update five was one of those updates where we kind of like because we really stopped before that was same, ambition as update three kind of and then when it came to update five we were like oh man how are we gonna keep up like the same sort of ambition as with update four and five and three, and then we were scared of putting update 5 out because like what if people don't like it as much as the other ones and people feel let down and and that wasn't the case and I think at that point we sort of like came to terms with the fact that like, not not every update that we make need to be a huge you know extravagant like release, because the thing that we sort of have to come to terms with is that, the goal with the game is to finish it, for us at least we always have the 1.0 release you know at the horizon so when it came when we started sitting down and thinking like okay are we making an update six or are we going for 1.0, and that was the thing that we were kind of like trying to puzzle out a puzzle together figure out like how does it work schedule wise and the thing with these update is that they tend to we tend to like push the goal post a little bit as like what we do so they tend to be bigger much bigger than we always anticipate, so like I'm not saying that we won't do an update six and I'm not saying that like you know we haven't fully committed to to either approach right now but, that's what we've been trying to figure out essentially the last couple of months is like what are we doing next, and for us it's important that we release the game at some point we need we need it to be we need to release the game at some point essentially we can't we can't be in early access for forever because I think we're gonna get really tired of working on this game at some point, and we don't want that, and and also like we can't always constantly like compare ourselves to like the previous updates because you know there's gonna be a update that maybe not everyone loves as much, etc etc so so that's essentially going up up until this point this is this is I'm kind of rehashing all the information here, if you haven't been here before, so so that's why you haven't heard much from us, in the last couple of months but I think we're, we're kind of like we have a we have a plan, that you know it's it's sort of like we have a plan that's the goal right now we don't have anything to reveal just yet with that plan, as for that's you know a new update six or if that means that we will, maybe go straight for 1.0 or maybe we'll skip it, and like maybe do smaller updates, it's kind of up in the air a little bit still, so we will see we will see, so stay tuned we will we will let you all know essentially what we're gonna do, once we we can like commit to something I guess that's the main problem with us is if you follow us if you followed us in development before you know that we change our minds constantly, and the main reason why we do that is because we we we want to do what's best for the game like kind of most in most cases, we want to do what's best for the game we want to do what's best for for us developing the game which we believe in turn will lead to a better game overall, we also take you guys into account so like what makes for a hype experience but also like you know is it fun for you guys to stick around and see what's going on, so yeah update six might be a different beast in its own or maybe we won't do objects like maybe we'll do something else completely different maybe we'll do a whole paradigm shift of how we develop the game, you never know you know so, that's that's the I'm pandering here, that's that's we we've my the whole purpose of this whole like me rambling ranting or rambling about this is essentially we've wanted to take a step back and like put all the cards on the table and like look at all the options that we have for the future of satisfactory, and we won't don't want to commit to one direction unless we feel that it's actually beneficial for the game as a whole not just like what makes sense for us like sales wise or what makes sense for us in terms of like getting you guys hype or like you know, because technically we I we feel that we could work on this game for a long time like you know this is this is one of those games where we could just push up updates after update after update but I think, I don't know if that's what we want to do maybe it is, but yeah that we just want to put all the cards on the table and kind of like figure out what to do next, and right now we're leaning towards one option but we haven't really settled on it yet essentially, but once we feel settled in and and like and we've decided on something you know maybe this whole like planning phase was just like can I waste the time I don't know could be, we'll see we'll see and when and and then you guys will know and then good times will be had by all 1.0 cancelled that's that's that's that's always an option no it's not it's not one point always like the one thing that is always like that is the one concrete thing maybe not when update is coming out but like we know we want to finish 1.0, we want we want to have like a full release of the game we don't want to be a game that's in early access for decades, and like that's our whole like development plan, that's that's not the intent here you know we want to wrap up the issues that have been with us since for a long time, and, just be able to like take a step back and look at what we've done and say like yeah we're proud of the thing that we just put out because there's still a couple of things that like the multiplayer bugs and like the general bugs in the game, any ux ux issues we want to resolve any ui issues we want to resolve like all these things are things that like we don't feel good about them being there forever so, yeah at some point we want to reach 1.0 that being said like we won't be able to fix everything probably, we're quite optimistic, but yeah development is how it is game development is a very like, expensive process and it's it's, especially like in terms of what the expectations are nowadays of what a game should be it's really hard to like deliver that always but, yeah the 1.0 release is definitely on the horizon and it always has been


so yeah and then yeah and one pretty cool point here too is like you know it's one of those things like once we figured out like to do 1.0 release and what the game would be like when we it reset 1.0 like maybe we can look at like okay releasing it on console is that a possibility maybe maybe not I don't know we're using it on mac and linux is that a possibility maybe maybe not because those are the main reasons why we haven't like even thought about that stuff is mainly because you know we kind of want to finish the game before we consider those alternatives, so yes 1.1 is golf


I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't bet on that


so yes, so that's what's going on geez I rambled for a long time I didn't I didn't I didn't actually plan to spend this much time talking about this because I'm essentially just rehashing information that's already out there,


so sorry about that, I'm just going to jump into the next thing which is, lego exclamation mark lego so last week we were really close and hitting that 10k upvotes on the lego site for the constructor set and, we hit it we hit the 10k mark which is which is impressive as hell so thank you anyone who subscribed to it what's it supported it I think they're calling it, yes util tells anything new awesome, so yeah the the lego constructor has been fully supported which is which is a huge like achievement I think for our community, it's amazing to see you all come together on on this so super proud of you all to to get it get it done, super cool that nerdy lego is put this together, and, yeah it's now up to the to the the people at lego, the, I can't remember what they're called they have like a name but the the people that review the project so the way it works is, when you put up like a lego idea like that on the lego ideas website you you need to get 10k votes or supports on it and this usually takes a long time like it's usually like, I think even more than a year type process, and this was something that came together in like less than three months which I think is like pretty good standing, you know, I'm not quite 100 sure but the people that I've talked to have been like yeah it usually takes a lot longer to get them uploaded like this so this is actually a pretty pretty big deal, but it doesn't mean that it's actually going to become like an actual lego set, unfortunately for a couple of reasons like like one thing is because lego maybe don't want to do it you know like it always like nah, the other thing is like, it might be too complex so like maybe they need to change the design which you know I think you know let nerdo legos is open for, so it's I don't think that will be you know the the hindrance in this case really, so so we'll see we'll see what happens essentially, they do review them quarterly so I don't know like how long it takes for them to like actually look at this, and yeah like if if they do want to make this lego set like of course we will like you know give them the license to do it, and that that's something that like we've we wouldn't have allowed something like this to be uploaded you know unless we wanted to make it so, that's also something that you know we'll probably need to sort out in in some case, I don't know how the process usually is if like if we were supposed to upload it or something like that to make sure that's also something like we're we're kind of open, to let lego produce it essentially like we we wouldn't have you know pushed this as hard as we did on our socials and stuff like that if we weren't okay with it and- I also I think nerdy legos reached out to jay so I can't confirm this but I'm pretty sure that like also nerdy legoist reached out to us first before they did something or I think we all even made like an open call because in the past people have made sort of lego creations but not uploaded them to the legos ideas website and we've always said like please do like please put any design you make for satisfactory put put it on lego's website and then we'll sort it out you know after the fact if it actually becomes a thing, so yeah we we're we're open for it you know like if lego wants to make it into a set we're not gonna be like, actually it's our ip and we don't want rp to be you know we're we're okay with that in this instance so so yeah hoo boy that's the lego thing