March 2nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Patch Notes video since Update 1?

March 2nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Patch Notes video since Update 1?

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is coming since update one, yeah we've had a passionate video every every update we've had, every major update yeah even the fluids update had a patchwork video actually, where we can only just summarize the passions videos that we summarize kind of like what's in the update and, give some details as to like what changes are in there, we try to make them like kind of fun because yeah because if if you want all of the details we have patch notes written up right you can go and read it but in video form we want to just give like some of the cool moments cool things, yeah and just try making fun we go a little over the top with them, like our pipes video we went all the way to [ __ ] cern in switzerland to make that video, we went to the large hadron collider there and, just so we could point it and say that's a big pipe that's that was the entire joke we just wanted to fight yeah it's like it's not just a pipe it's the biggest scientific marvel that we've ever achieved you know but we just sort of reduce it to just like it's just a pipe, dude and that's it was so funny when we were there because like everyone who went to cern like to that to the hadron collider thing everyone was like super into science and like super into like particle physics and stuff like that and we were like [ __ ] la dee da da [ __ ] game developers running around yeah yeah yeah we don't know [ __ ] about this like the [ __ ] like we talked to one of the the, what's that called like the people that were helping out on the in the area yeah we're like standing standing in lines and stuff like that they're like yeah what do you do like oh I have a phd in in like what the [ __ ] of course you do, of course you do yeah oh we came to look at the pipes yeah and we even talked to like one of the head yeah one of the people who were like who helped build this yeah like yeah build we actually I we haven't released that we have footage of like an interview that I did with that guy no we did we did add the interview in the passionate video did we yeah I didn't even hear her yeah I'm pretty sure we did we have a full interview with it yeah we had a full interview with like the the one of the like original I don't know if it's founders but like one of the project leads for the whole like the big one yeah the big, particle thing and he was so kind like I was super kind I was I was trying to turn it into a bit where I was like I'm going to be like well how many you know reinforced, iron plates did you need to make your your yours and he was just like yeah actually a lot and I was like oh like I was trying to be like stupid but he's just like he's like yeah actually a lot of people yeah yeah I love yeah I was like okay what about how many super computers did you need yeah we needed quite a few of those okay oh so good but I'm pretty sure that was part of the I need to check it out yeah- I thought we cut that there was certainly more, there was a pretty hefty chunk of it in the pacino's video okay that's good, so how much nuclear waste lhc confirmed do you wish you wish yeah oh my god I'm just looking back in this footage it's making me feel like oh my god nostalgic not nostalgic oh like ptsd this this trip was so scary it was so stressful you guys that was like one of the most emotionally what fell through to fight the ground oh no jace you're 100 right we didn't include it in the video yeah I didn't think we did we should we should release that at some point yeah even if it's just a standalone like little interview yeah as we did- I have memories of editing that segment yeah we did sort of edit it but I think it didn't, fit in the video yeah yeah we're gonna release that at some point it was really cool yeah