June 15th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: TL;DR on State of Dev?

June 15th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: TL;DR on State of Dev?

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tldr's of state of death uh i guess we could do that for people joining late um we we don't really have anything new to show to talk about um the kind of information that we've been pushing out a little bit is that we are expecting update five sometime this fall this year which is something i always have to point out um because comedians in the chat are gonna be like twenty am i muted like yeah exactly um


and we are the only thing we've really we are going to like kind of open up development a little bit when we get closer to it when we know more uh i mean we have sort of settled really on like what the update is going to be but we kind of want to get a little bit further down development before we start teasing and showing stuff because um it'd be like a dude because some of the details can uh change as well like there's sometimes you know we think something's going to be in the update and then like literally a month or two beforehand we deem that like actually it's not going to make the update or something that we think is not going to make the update that then a couple like a month or two before we're like actually we can't put this in after all yeah because of one reason or another and so it's really hard right now even though we know some of the things that are coming it's hard right now for us to showcase it because we are quite sure that it's going to be how we think it is but we also know that things change and that there's still too good of a likelihood that that changes are going to happen um that plus things aren't really in a in a in a way where we can demonstrate it right so it a lot of features would be more interesting if we can release it with a video or like whether it's like a little highlight video or an uh video where i or snoot or whatever it gives um information about the feature but if we don't have like assets to show or anything to show yet um it's essentially just gonna be really lackluster reveal so we sort of want to try to find that balance between a making sure that whatever we do release we can commit to that it that will be in as we say it will be in the update um and that we have something sort of worthwhile for you guys to see you know so it's a little bit hype as well uh so it's a bit we're in a weird period right now where it's kind of just gonna be treading water for a little bit until we can get a little closer and that's just how it's been with like that's how it was with the last update as well and that's just kind of how it's always going to be there's always going to be this in-between period where we kind of just have to yeah just stall essentially i mean we could just disappear we could just not stream right but that wouldn't be any good like it was we still think that these these streams are like still more interesting than nothing um you still get some updates as minor as they may be um so yeah we just keep this going i think and once once we can give more we will for sure