April 20th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: Holograms

April 20th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Holograms


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so yeah is there anything else I forgot I feel like I talked about one more thing holograms so holograms have been changed in the recent update was this pushed by the way was this pushed to ea it was supposed to act was it pushed to experimental the hologram changes I don't remember but anyway ea okay thanks so so, we've changed how holograms work and the reason why we change for why holograms work is because believe it or not it's because of performance, it's it's a quite significant performance reason we did it and it's something that we've been wanting to do for a long time as well so let me explain a little quickly how that works so previously the holograms would work by the mesh like the model that exists in the world when you're like using the the hologram or the dismantle effects it would like take the material on the mesh and replace it the problem with that is that it needs to load in the meshes in the world because we use an instancing system of how we render things because that's the way we can render a lot of things at the same time so we instance a lot of stuff I'm not going to go into detail I explain how that works exactly but essentially it's a technique we use to be able to render a lot of stuff at the same time, and the problem with the dismantle effect when you swap that material out it needs to exist at some point for every machine so during load up it would need to like create an instance all those material changes swaps essentially this is not this is like the dumbed-down version of explaining this but I know that ben probably is hearing this like that's not exactly how it works but I have to like explain it so that it makes sense for people, but essentially what happened during load is that they needed to like, those like instances needed to exist and it takes a lot of memory because what happened was that it was just like it would load all of this in in like the first frames of satisfactory and then it would just like remove them because now the instances were like was there, which is very unnecessary and and something that we've, this is a dumb down version yeah computer rendering like computer graphics rendering is is very it's it's super in-depth you guys like it's it's it's very like even game developers don't know all the ins and outs, there's a lot like there's a lot that goes into this to be able to render a game and when it comes to performance improvement and like techniques that we use to like make better rendering we sometimes have to make trade-offs and one of the trade-offs that we have today is the the holograms so the way they work now instead is that like they kind of draw the hologram on top of what you're looking at, so when you're looking at like a manufacturer and you want to dismantle it we now draw like the dismantle hologram on top of that the problem with so that's more performant but it also the problem with that is that we can't have, transparent models anymore, and, that's something I'm not quite sure if we can solve that but I think that's something we're gonna look into at least, but it'd be like it do and let's see if I forget anything here checking my notes


, or maybe they will occlude we're gonna see- I don't know exactly if they're gonna be transparent or not but I think they're they're gonna be pretty much like they used to be at some point, but the the thing with the holograms and the the dismantle effect they've been broken for a long time with satisfactory like even since launch so this is something that we've been meaning to do for a long time but we've been like putting it off just because like who cares about the holograms like they work right but now we actually notice that oh there's actually a quite significant improvement if we do change it now so we've done it now, but the holograms are gonna be good at some point I know that there are some issues with them right now but we're working on them we're aware of it, I know that like the directional arrows aren't clear right now we are aware of that and we're working on a fix some of the colors don't, look okay like the colors don't look proper that's something that we've fixed internally and we're gonna push it with the next coupling of fixes blah blah that's the state of holograms let's let's do a state of holograms for the rest of the stream, cool all right I got that out of my way so so let's let's talk about satisfactory you guys and I'll answer any questions you guys have or if there's any other topics you want me to bring up, we will discuss it holograms don't disappear properly that's something that we're aware of and we're going to fix it the holograms are going to essentially work the same way they did before just give us a little time so we can we can make them work with this new system essentially