May 18th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can you add an adjustment setting in the Light controls.

May 18th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can you add an adjustment setting in the Light controls.



can you add an adjustment setting in a light control so that sounds like a suggestion qa site questions at you can leave your questions and suggestions and stuff like that there um yeah so i mean you know when we deflect like that it's because it's actually the best place to leave suggestions and also like i can't i can't tell you if we can do it or not you know just the i'm just an intern but also um us learning that like people want that thing uh doesn't help the game because we will we don't make the decisions we don't make decisions and we don't always like run over to the game director or the people working on the different features and be like by the way people really want this thing have you considered this because most cases people have considered it like the person working on said feature probably already knows about everything that people might want to do with it and they maybe not even know like what the decision making is here either because it's always planning and like time management and stuff like that uh so on the qa side if you post it there it makes it a lot easier for people who are planning stuff when it comes to resource management and blah blah to uh know that oh this is a feature that everybody wants so i have actually uh gone to mark sometimes and been like yo this is something that people i've seen people request like what are your thoughts on that and he's like oh maybe i'll add that to the game actually and then when he actually started working on it he was like i'll check the q a side and there was not a single post about it and that made him go maybe i won't add it actually because of that because maybe it just adds complexity and that's when we cancel dedicated servers yeah and that's how dedicated services have been canceled this entire time that's how that's how mass construction of foundations was canceled yeah we were going to do it and no one wanted it unbelievable uh and granted there are some created but those get removed for some reason we don't know why who could possibly do that no idea what you're talking about