November 22nd, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Is the Crab Boss from the E3 Trailer still coming?

November 22nd, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Is the Crab Boss from the E3 Trailer still coming?

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I was looking at the release trailer from E3 originally and there's this large monster which spawned flies out of its back does that still make it into the game that's the big crab coming crab hopefully


big crap big crabs coming every crab painful as a crab yeah as far as I know we're still gonna add the crab but we've been saying that for like two years yeah, it was it was originally gonna come in update three we have footage of Jay saying in update three we're adding the big crab yep yeah update three did not have the bigger oh yeah we should we should release that we should also release the the interview we did yes I thought we had of the, one of the engineers for the Large Hadron Collider yeah one of the original Engineers I actually looked at that pretty recently semi-reasonally and I was like I was so sure we had released that somewhere it wasn't like a it wasn't like a super serious interview though and I think the I think the point was to be part of something else I was supposed to just get Clips out of it I don't know if it's a good interview no it was a pretty funny interview was it actually good yeah- I it was like I haven't seen it because it was like funny because like I don't want to spoil it actually but it is a real good sport he was a good sport yeah he was a real good sport about it it was like okay I don't did you say what it was we interviewed like the one of the creators of yeah okay cool yeah one of your like your original like engineer people yeah designed the LHC yeah and he was really good sport about it and it was on we were just saw and it was like all right let's just let's just it was some fun interview or something ask him satisfactory questions and and he was a really good support about it and, I thought we added it to some video but maybe it didn't can you send me the footage and then maybe it's on the it's on the server okay in the update three I've got Patches videos I'm feeling lazy or something I need some content I'll just be like hey there's one time I talked to this guy yeah because I think I even added it to specific projects so or my you might need to download the whole product but okay it's it's on the server oh Jesus that project biggest the longest troll if the crab never makes it to the game that's the one thing we never add is like there's so many things we're like we're never gonna add this but the one thing we show first trailer like now that's not coming it'll be that would be on brand


on with there we will see golf before the crab