March 15th, 2022 Livestream State of Dave

March 15th, 2022 Livestream

State of Dave

00:00 Intro
00:11 Still working on the game
00:35 Planning ahead for 1.0
02:19 The near future
02:38 Keeping all options on the table
03:55 One of the reasons there's no Roadmap
05:02 Internal development priorities
06:15 Little tiny work-in-progress thing
06:40 Teaser Season
07:41 Epic Online Services / Steam account linking patch
14:35 Game dev meme "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong"
14:59 Development Schedules
17:25 Reminiscing about the Steam Release
20:03 Community FYI: Bring back Jace Bot

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that's a pretty half good segue half-baked segue into the first, agenda point here now that we addressed, this is a state of dev because we are still working on the game believe it or not, I don't believe it ridiculous carry-on it's crazy it is hard to believe, given our our, track record but, no we're still working on the game, and it's been pretty much the same kind of like, information that we can give you guys like we are working on the game, we are still sort of figuring out what we're gonna do for this year, because we're kind of like moving things around a little bit and, we're planning ahead for 1.0 1.0 is still like on the horizon and that's like kind of the I would almost say like the main goal really for us is to achieve 1.0, and you know it's hard to do and it is hard to do and you know we could be like up until this point you know first satisfactory we've had you know a pretty good like run of you know pushing updates we've we've made like two major updates every year, I've always said like we're doing this for the goal for 1.0 but it's it's we're now kind of at the point where we actually really want to like figure out like what the end point is here because we could be working on satisfactory for forever it feels like because the backlog of the features list that we have is humongous like, there's no lack of feature, requests either from you guys, but like at one point you kind of have like there's a there's a pretty good saying that one of my old producers used to say and that was like a game is finished when you decide it's finished like you can you can keep packaging a game for forever like even if it's a small little game it can still you can still work in forever and keep adding stuff, and we kind of want to you know finish ha we want to reach a 1.0 version of the game, that kind of like fills out as many boxes for us as possible you know, and that's that's mainly you guys happy as well yeah of course and that's that's mainly what we've been working towards, this last couple of months, and asked for like what that means in terms of like the near future, we still haven't really decided fully so you're like you know when is the next update coming we don't know right now is there gonna be a new next major update we don't know right now we're planning, yeah exactly we're keeping we're keeping all options on the table here including the option of not doing updates the way that we've done it before because as we get nearer to this finish line of 1.0 like the kind of things that need to be done to complete the game are not necessarily the same kind of things that we've done before where we've packaged big updates so it could there's an argument to be made and this is something we're thinking about there it could be that we won't do big updates the way that we've done them before because that's not what's good for the game to get to 1.0, but but maybe we do do that, you know as we get a little as we progress a little more we'll realize oh maybe we can still do things that way we don't know but we don't want to tie ourselves into the same formula, that we've been doing just because we've done it before we like we did those things because it was good for us to do those things but if it's better for us to not do updates the way we've been doing in the past, going forward then like we should not be afraid to change up the the formula yes, if it's if it's for the for the goal of you know completing the game because that's that's what everyone wants at the end of the day right we want a a good game as, as I guess as quickly as possible but you know as good it's as good as it can be as well so yes that's what and, what's gonna say like yeah the that's the thing for us really is that we've always sort of tied every release we've done has been tied into like what works best for us and that's sort of one of the reasons why we haven't been wanting to put like any kind of road maps or anything like that to tie us in because we want to have that option to like do what's best for the game and and what makes most sense at the time we work very like it always sounds like so so we are very agile in the way that we do things like we don't want to tie us into like a waterfall model kind of release schedule sort of where we promised that like we promised there will be like 10 more updates to the game and and you know there are the really good like release beats and all that but we also think that you know there's pros and cons of every every approach really but we always do what we think is best for the game, yeah, more information but think about us people sad and and we do because we you know we do think that like if we do what is best for the game then, you know then then you all will get a better game so yeah, so yes and, yeah we don't really have any and like I said this is, there's no real new information as to what we're doing yet, we will obviously let you guys know as soon as we we do know because I mean I'm looking forward to you know doing like releasing stuff obviously, we've been working away about what we're doing and stuff exactly and showing us things off, because we have been doing stuff like while we're planning this obviously, we're working very in parallel I would say right now because some people are working on like stuff that we might not release until 1.0 some people have worked on stuff that we might release in the near future, and we're kind of like deciding like where does it make sense to release what, and I mean there's some pretty cool stuff that's coming up soon hopefully, there's also a bunch of really cool stuff that may not come up soon we don't know yet, because that's also one reason why we don't why we won't like say this is what we might do or this is you know what we're working on right now be is because all things might change, so we might be working on stuff that we might not release right now, we're kind of like figuring things out as we go so I think we might have something fun to show soon just a little tiny thing that's like a work of progress thing we thought like looks pretty cool I'm going to show you guys yeah keep an eye out on our on our social media on twitter in particular, yeah that might be fun since we haven't shown you guys sort of anything that's happening in the past few months so no I think it'd be good to show you something again because you missed doing that yeah for sure- I mean as much as as as how like stressful as teaser season is it is very rewarding to have it, it's very it's a lot of fun to show you guys stuff and like also show teaser stuff so you like see what you guys think is going on, I find that a lot of fun but, yeah like we haven't really shown off anything for the last like five months maybe because when we launched update 5 on ea like in between then and now obviously we're working on on things we've been working on patch fixes and or like patches that we've been released since then, but we've also been working on new things at the same time so like like I said before like we've been doing a lot of stuff in parallel so it's not like we worked on update five and then like all right now let's work on the next thing like that work has been going on steadily in the background all the time, in in various disciplines, so super stoked for that and on the topic of patches, we have a patch and- I feel like every time we say that oh there's gonna be a patch coming out today we curse ourselves, it's true we're scared to say that there's a patch coming out yeah but we have a patch planned for today, and I don't know exactly what's in this patch in terms of like defense [ __ ] coming you guys yeah, so I don't explicitly like what's in this patch apart from one little thing, and that is a thing that up until on the steam version of the game, you have the option to choose when you start the game between like if you want to link your epic account or if you want to link your steam account, and up until this point you only due to the way like that back-end system was set up when we originally made that system, both because epics like services was still like they were working on those, and also part because we haven't had time until recently to like get back into that and like tie that knot up and fix it but, when you yeah when you start the game on steam you get an option if you want to link your steam account and your epic account and that's that's optional if you want to be able to like see your epic friends in the friends list in the game, or not and the thing is like when we release up until now you've only been able to like change that really once like you get the option once when you start the game for the first time on steam and then after that you're screwed so the way we've sort of had to handle that is that people have had to like kind of reach out to us and we've had to manually unlink that stuff, and, we're in this next patch that's coming out on experimental we've introduced a system where you can do that yourselves and there's a couple of reasons why we we've made that system part because it feels weird that you only get one shot at this one spaghetti


, but there's there's been a few issues where I'm not sure if this is like something with the epic back end or if it's us messing something up but some people have had an issue where like even if they try to link the two accounts the two accounts kind of like don't link and it causes like some issues with, online sessions or something like that, so a lot of people that have had that issue have reached out to us and we've been able to like resolve that issue by just unlinking their accounts and then redoing the process so for those people that option will be there now, to make whenever they want and some people you know might change their mind maybe they won't don't want to have epic account linked or maybe they do want to link their epic account and now you guys will have the option as well now there's there's a couple of people that have figured out a way to if you have both copies of the game if you have a steam version of your epic version there's like a way to and this is before dedicated service though so this might not be as valid anymore but there was a way where you could like have both, versions of the game running at the same time to have like listen server running but now we have dedicated servers I'm not sure if that's actually valid anymore yeah just use them yeah, so so yeah that option is coming out and the way you access this feature is within the main menu options menu there's like an online, button and within that there's like a dialog option of like unlinking I can't quite remember how that process looks like but hopefully I'm hopeful I'm not going to lie I blank for a little bit did you talk about the incompatible thing yes cool I was reading chat sorry yeah- I talked about that, that that was the issue where like if if, you're you you're like an error that's what is the actual error it's just like incompatible accounts or something like that yeah your your steam epic accounts are incompatible or incompatible accounts, and that basically I think multiplayer like stops working after that as well does it, and the yeah some, well it yeah they they can't connect to friends and stuff a lot of people will have that issue okay, and it turns out like the only way to really fix it is to unlink and then relink your accounts because the linking is broken and now you guys will be able to and it's, you know a lot of peop there's a lot of people who reached out to us who had that issue, and now hopefully with these new things coming in the update you guys can fix it yourself yeah hopefully that will help so and that was the thing that I mentioned before where like when you try and tie in the accounts something in the hap happens either it's because we did something weird with the services or epic online services does something weird with the back end I don't know but, like regardless now there's an option at least for you guys to resolve that issue if that happens, and we will put out information on the steam forms and stuff like that on you know why what you can do now instead of using the form and, yeah bob's your uncle good times will be had by all I think we might even have a situation where when that when I can't remember if k2 did it but like if that issue pops up you also get like a button to say like you can try and unlink it right away oh yeah right yeah if you have that I think we detect it now yeah I think we have yeah I think we can detect it and give you some feedback on like you can do this to fix it so like this should help a lot of people actually because I think there are a lot of people who have this issue but like haven't told us like the like the amount of people that reach out to us and that we have to manually fix this for has been quite quite large and I'm sure there's I'm sure they're not even the majority of the people who have like reached out to us so this will hopefully help a lot of people and it's possible that like maybe those people don't play online so like it hasn't affected them that much but you know now at least you don't get because I do believe you still get that pop-up every single time you put the game, so yeah I can't remember so at least now you'll be able to like resolve that as well even if you don't play online you won't get that pop-up anymore, so so that's neat so that's so like I said that's rolling out on experimental first we're gonna try as with all most patches we do we roll them out on experimental first and then you guys can try them out there's probably a couple of patch, like a bug fixes as well on experimental I wouldn't be surprised, there might be some some more vehicle tweaks with bugs here and there I don't know, so I guess you'll find out when that patch drops today right huh one hundred percent sure it sure is definitely gonna happen today they said it was gonna happen yes I believe that is true jace I believe that's in that's correct, no wait yes I believe that is correct jace, yes that is correct yes, yeah I think, it's just it's just a thing in game dev that whenever something can go wrong it will go wrong yeah you know so it's like it's no shade to our co-workers who are doing amazing work and you know we're all just working off the best information we've got but like in games if something can screw you over it will like that that's the only thing that I've learned to make in games yeah absolutely absolutely yeah it's just it's just how it is and that's like you know when when there are plans you know people come to us and be like we have this plan that's a schedule and I'm like that's very nice- I hope it works yeah sounds good especially when it sounds too good to be true sometimes it do be like that but we are baffled every time it happens yeah so yes I don't think we've had like a single well we've had a couple of releases where everything went smooth but yeah we actually did we for a little while we actually had like a series I think we had like two or three releases that were pretty much like bang on, I think it was around three 3.5 five I think four was pretty much on and then like update five I think it was only pushed back like a couple weeks internally or something yeah yeah well yeah update five was probably the biggest like up until up until that point we had a pretty good track record and then update five had a little bit of a switch, well yeah I mean update one no one was really expecting it so that was whatever update two kind of was okay three was trash yeah we were like we'll have it out by december it was like over a month later or two months later or something yeah we we set the standards doing our best I think we set the standard even with the closed alpha I think, coleslaw was like we're going to start it in may and I think the closed alpha rolled out in


august maybe yeah yeah I think it was something like that yeah it is always tricky because like we have that big like vacation period where most people are on holiday so like either you have to get everything out like a couple of months before that or you don't expect to have it out until like after everyone's back so there's like a big window in the middle there that kind of like also releasing things is kind of hard yeah dream is so late it really was I think we might have said that we wanted to have it out in november or something and it came out in what january or february yeah it wasn't march even was it march there's no way it was march maybe on earlier yeah maybe it was yeah early access might be it might have been march I think it was february now that you mentioned it I remember I'm trying to remember the dates every 12th was the reveal trailer right so that was experimental yeah that would have been experimental did we I don't remember this is sorry we're not moving along too fast for you guys but, didn't we did we launch the steam version of the game on when we launched update three on experimental do you remember like again did we launch no we didn't no steam came out as a separate update oh right it did I forgot we announced steam with the update three, reveal trailer right okay and then and then that took longer than we thought yeah that was also like there was that time period where people were like why aren't you releasing it it shouldn't be that hard to release it and we pretty much like decided like maybe a couple of weeks before we put the the announcement out that we were gonna release on that steam, I still think a lot of people that official decision came pretty late yeah- I still think that people don't believe us with that I think a lot of people still think that like because that is actually we planned it all along yeah all right we really didn't plan it all no because I thought a lot of people think that when we did the app exclusivity thing that we had like all right and then we'll do one year without it and then we'll release it on steam like and that we had decided that from the get-go but we were actually really like considering like should we should we just stay on epic and just just have it on epic or should we also release it on steam like we weren't actually sure, because we were yeah that wasn't in the plans like we hadn't decided when we were another from the end because we were doing well off, on epic like as it was, but a couple of reasons that made us want to release on steam as well that wasn't just that like steam got a resource deep there was a couple of reasons I don't remember all of them so yeah we didn't have to go there we already went there years ago yeah good times trying to piece back my memory of the last couple of years feels like I've lost this it's all a blur it is all a blur especially after covet I don't remember like I remember going to the office sometime march june, march 2020 and then after that it's just like a black hole


and then here we are when did was update three to 2020 yeah oh really that was right when david hit yeah it was no it's before covet it was right before code because I don't think, covet like measurements were taking in sweden until like june it's still march 2020 yes mezza is strong I mean kind of yeah february bring it back to j-spot yes I think you are correct chase yes I think that is correct snook yes yeah I would live there update three was yeah I love february 11. my camera's [ __ ] look at my goofy asgard [ __ ] eating grin is it every time I oh every time I block that window apparently it freezes the camera oh weird so I'm not allowed to have full screen applications on that screen all right good to know I don't remember if that was an issue before but maybe it was anyways stop blocking jason I'm sorry you guys I can't help it, anyways