March 8th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: When's the new timeslot for the Livestream?

March 8th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: When's the new timeslot for the Livestream?

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what is the new time slot for the live stream so the live stream is one hour earlier than usual, for now the reason why we're switching it around is because jace is in a different time zone, and we're trying to figure out like what makes sense for us to have it because like right now it's, almost 2 am for jace


he looks very spry and it looks it looks like it's bright outside but, but no like yeah yeah five days in a different time something gotham exactly, so we we kind of need to figure out what to do with the time zones, so it's possible that we move the the stream around quite like drastically actually, but we're gonna try at first with this time zone maybe we'll do it earlier than this maybe we'll do way later but, for now it's it's it starts at 3 p.m cet it's going to get extra confusing too because next week I think it's summer time so it's going to be 3 p.m c-s-c-e-s-t or is it the next week after that I don't know but it's coming up soon, so, yeah maybe it's jason getting his hella fresh delivered during stream exactly, so that's the main reason why we're moving the stream schedule around a bit is because, of that time zones so we don't have like a final like wording on like what the coming stream time will be, for the next couple of weeks but, we'll see and it might not be like a permanent like stream time change, it might just be for a couple of months and then we'll go back again we'll see we will see march 13. is that is that what it is cool yeah keep an eye out for the change that's this week is spring over yet yeah you call it summertime or savings time, it's called summertime in sweden at least I don't know if it's called is it savings time or no it's central or european summer time is cest so it's summertime summertime but I think that's a, I think that's a linguistic thing a regional thing what it's called right or is there like a I guess gmt does define like the standardization of that anyway usually march last sunday yeah wait isn't it hmm isn't that a thing too what is cst, whatever I'll figure well you guys will know it's the time but we will post like on twitter and discord and stuff like that when we go live and like what time slot we're using and and and whatnot so so keep an eye on that and I'm gonna try and remember to update the, the right here on twitch we have a like now live thing I'm gonna try and remember to change that as well so hopefully if you're like not certain what time slot we're gonna go for always check in with the twitch thing, like when we're live that one will always be that will like tell you in in so you don't have to like convert between time zones, and I'll make sure that that one is also updated, it's not updated right now but in the future I'm gonna make sure that it's it's always, correct so if you're uncertain just check in on this page and check the time all right, it will happen my phone tells me yeah exactly if you have if you follow us you will get notifications, I like you and if you also have like notifications on so you get an email and stuff like that I've found that like sometimes the twitch notification thingy doesn't work for me because like sometimes I just thought straight up don't know when people go live, maybe that's just me but, yes but that's another way to keep track of it I guess this is the only devstream I have fomo for why there's there's nothing to miss out on here twitch notifications five hour late works well cool yeah I've had that happen too it's kind of weird