May 4th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Will Train Signals come in Update 5?

May 4th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Will Train Signals come in Update 5?

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will reigns rail signals another stuff train come in update five I don't know for update five but there is gonna be an update to trains at some point I call it bob, we're gonna add signaling system to the game at some point and like maybe coalition, but I have no idea when that's gonna happen oh no train collision yeah and, speaking of trains by the way like we've known this for a long time that we're gonna add you know some kind of signaling system or something like that for the game, so fun fact for all you people building train tracks out there, your your game is probably gonna break if you've built depending on how you built the train tracks, we're we're gonna like give you more information maybe closer to when we actually implement signaling system so to give you kind of a heads up of like how the signaling system will work but right now the train system is very bare bones and it's very easy to set them up and like have them clip and stuff, so for some of you maybe not everyone maybe it will work for a lot of cases, but you know depending on how you set up your train tracks you're probably going to we need to reset them up at some point but we'll talk more about that when we know, like don't worry about it now do whatever you want with the train tracks and then in the future in the future before we drop that, we'll unveil like probably what to think about for the railway system and stuff like that so that you have time to to, refactor it essentially so yeah if you have a two-way train system I'm pretty sure you're you're in the clear like if you built like two two tracks with like one going in either direction like if you apply the sort of the regular train logistics idea here, then I think you're pretty much good and even in the monorail situations I think like if you if you don't have more than one train on it then I think you also you're safe it's when you have multiple trains running on the same track and it's monorail then you might run into some logistics logistical problem with the rate the signaling system