March 2nd, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Still in Content Freeze (Part 1)

March 2nd, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Still in Content Freeze (Part 1)

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nothing all right let's well if we go to state of dev there actually isn't that much to talk about right because we've said it for the past two weeks situation hasn't changed uh go ahead snit the state of dev is going to be the same pretty much up until we release the game which is i guess there's one bit of a news that we that we announced last week is that we are set on march 16th now for the uh launch of update 4 on the experimental branch of the game so we're going to commit to that now um and yeah we've been in feature freeze for a while now and we're working on bugs and we last week we felt confident with uh we still have a lot of things to fix uh or like not a lot but we still have a bunch of things to fix and some performance kinks to to to work out and it's not going to be like you know it's going to be similar to like update 3 where like it's not going to be done when it releases on experimental because otherwise we wouldn't feel the need to release an experimental uh but it's going to be like the the the earliest state of of the update that we feel we are confident in releasing in the wild and that's going to be on the experimental branch should tm be uh you know stable enough and uh yeah plays as we we intended for most people at least yes uh um so yeah we're just working on crunching bugs and fixing yeah stuff that we want to fix before the 16th yeah um yeah and that's usual usual business uh thanks a lot for the kind words there david nice