September 6th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Status on Dedicated Server issues?

September 6th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Status on Dedicated Server issues?

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status on dedicated server issues, I think so we put out a patch last week's patch I think or maybe the first patch after we got back from vacation we implemented a potential foliage issue fix I don't know the state of that- I haven't heard anyone talk about that issue anymore but that doesn't mean that it's gone but, yes that is the dedicated we don't talk about dedication is there anything specific that we're looking for for dedicated servers, because right now the crash that's out on currently on experimental is client-side related so you know that's affected for dedicated service as well because it's a client-side everyone's a client, so did he deserve to come at that not not oh mess is such a jokester not officially I guess the half sort of implemented because there's that but yeah so, if that is a specific issue running into, then that will be resolved in today's patch as well hatcher's break dedicated sir okay so if that is the specific issue like the hatchery stuff then yes that is the fixed for today as well so that will resolve those issues for everyone both on dedicated servers and the regular game so, yeah but if there's anything else dedicated server like if if someone is still encountering that issue with foliage on dedicated servers please let us know on the qa site as far as we know it has been resolved but what do we know right let us know and I think we fixed the extractor issue on dedicated servers as well with the patch we put out last week but again not 100 sure but I also haven't seen people talk about it on since we put that patch out which you know doesn't mean one thing or or the other


so yeah we did I think exactly so, yeah let us know if those things aren't resolved essentially