February 22nd, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Swedish week numbers

February 22nd, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Swedish week numbers


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so, yeah welcome to to this week, yet another week what week is it now jase do you know the week number of this week, wait let me just check, yeah so this is the thing this is apparently also thing in like norway yeah it's eight week eight so in sweden and like norway apparently like maybe denmark too, there's apparently a thing where like everyone always talks in weeks like in week numbers so like whenever people plan stuff they're like oh yeah let's do that a week blah but but like nobody knows what weak that is you know like- I see yeah I don't understand how people like- I there are some folks I like I have a friend of mine who works kind of with let's just say with logistics and it makes sense to me that he is always very consciously aware of the weak number I suppose because you know like he's like deliveries and stuff like that I guess he you know it's always the forefront of his mind but- I mean unless you're doing that I don't get how you keep track of weeks it's it's kind of weird to me and every every swede that I've run into has always been like yo I don't get it so why are we doing it that's the thing I don't know I'm sure some people some people get it some people find a reason because I get it when when you do project management you actually like plan week wise because it's like why plan for dates because you're never going to meet those right so just like oh we're going to work for blah blah blah but then you oh in game now just playing but you but you tend to like track like when you start working which is like oh on date blog you start working like so you don't really track I don't know yeah yeah everyone just talks weak numbers nobody knows so like whenever someone's like yeah let's meet up in week 12 like what month is that even do you know yeah anyway welcome to our dev stream where we talk about satisfactory eventually eventually yeah yeah that's right that's pretty true and then and then we very quickly get yeah talk about final fantasy yeah exactly welcome everybody to the final fantasy weekly dev stream amazing, yeah, yeah have you seen that they're switching back away from from there