October 13th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Will you switch to using Unreal Engine 5?

October 13th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Will you switch to using Unreal Engine 5?


This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: January 24th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Unreal Engine 5? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--Tndr5YVw8

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all right, I've got a question we will switch to using unreal engine five, maybe, it's not impossible like they say that it's it's as easy as doing regular upgrades to the engine which isn't super simple for us because we've done a bunch of alterations to the engine, so it kind of depends on you know what I would love your pipe pole graveyard here and every time all right look how many empty ones there are and still every time I do one I'm gonna drag it yeah because if you close the circuit you can never get it back yeah so so yeah for those who haven't been tuning into my runs right so as I said anything I build I cannot dismantle so that this creates a problem if I run out of power pole sources and I can't drag any more out I can't delete any of the cables to then add another pole into the circuit I can't do that like I'm completely that's the end I have to start a whole new like source so I'm doing this because I'm so terrified of that happening yeah so now I'm safe yeah now unsafe, so yeah we've done a lot of alterations to the engine to be able to have to run actually if you check out and dylan's if you want to learn more about this check out the vod from friday because dylan goes very into detail about this so if you have two hours you want to waste you can check out the vlog but essentially we've done a lot of like alternations to the engine to like render the conveyor belt supplies for instance make them optimized and like the networking stuff we've done a lot of custom solutions to be able to run networking through this game, just because it's so meh like it's there's so much netcode like so much net traffic that goes through this game compared to other games, just because of the sheer amount of stuff you can build and like the complexity of the stuff you need on client to be able to run this game, so every time we upgrade the engine version it's like a few weeks of first of all merging all the changes that we've done and then that introduces bugs most usually, for instance the the stream that we checked with dylan the whole stream was essentially him fixing a rendering issue with the conveyor belt so when we upgraded the engine version conveyor belt stop rendering for instance so it's stuff like that that we have to fix and there's a ton of those type of issues that happen every time we upgrade but we do it because we want to be on the latest version and there's usually tools that we get from like there are more things for us more so than for for you guys when we do these engine upgrades because we could we get more tools so to speak to be able to work with the game, and, yeah so on the note of going to unreal engine 5 they've said that it's going to be similar to you know upgrading to unreal engine 4 which I kind of can like like understand because I am assuming they're using this like unreal engine code base because unreal engine is a huge engine like there's so much code, in there right it's all right this is a moderate amount, so them just starting from scratch to implement on real engine five would just be stupid straight up dumb, but the key thing here is as well as like when they unveiled unreal engine 5 they showed up like these two new, like features with it which was like real-time global illumination and, like their mesh is it called the way they can like have a ton more meshes being like downscaled and like stream, those features I don't know if they'll ever make it into the game because those really change how you like you kind of change how you implement the game and you cannot need to think of that before you do the game so it's kind of hard to like mash that into yeah nanite and what's the other one called, lumen yeah so I don't know if they will ever make it into the game even if we do upgrade to engine unreal engine five just upgrading so under general engine five doesn't mean that you get those features out of the box even though they say it just works, because that's not reality, and the same thing goes for ray tracing kind of, we there's a lot of work that we need to do to implement ray tracing and I don't think we want to spend time doing that honestly when there's so much other stuff we'd rather spend time doing so maybe when we're done and we're like oh now satisfactory is like 1.0 and we we're not gonna add more features then maybe we'll do like ray tracing you know so yeah that's that's the that's that's that's the way the cookie crumbles