May 26th, 2023 Video Q&A: What do the other Jetpack fuels do?

May 26th, 2023 Video

Q&A: What do the other Jetpack fuels do?

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see in the menu and so you might be wondering what what do these other fuel types do do they just last longer or something or or what do they do but actually they each have different properties solid biofuel this is going to be a really really basic fuel type that people can use before they have fuel production because solid biofuel can be somewhat automated pretty decently well early on and this has the same speed and power as normal fuel just a slightly slower acceleration and it burns up quicker resulting in less air time so we can't reach as high basically as normal fuel normal fuel this is the default fuel that you all have been using with jet packs before it's basically the same but it has been tweaked a little bit so that it gives a bit more upwards momentum so it should feel a little bit less sluggish when you're using it so a little buff to a regular fuel turbofuel has a faster acceleration and speed allowing the play to reach much much higher and quickly boost themselves up on large buildings or high Cliffs it also has slightly increased air control to match the higher speeds basically so that you can kind of move as you intend and liquid biofuel we don't actually expect players to use this that much since liquid biofuel can't be fully automated but it is mostly the same as regular fuel but it burns far far slower okay so this actually allows players to reach up really really high and glide for actually super insane distances and so you might be actually wondering for example, side-by-side comparisons of these how high you can go with each jet pack from a straight burn and so here's a little demonstration of that now and you can see solid biofuel goes up to around 16 meters 16 17 meters regular fuel goes to 28 meters turbo fuel goes to about 52 meters and liquid biofuel goes to just under 62 meters so about 60 meters and so the last feature I think this is the