August 10th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Update 5 Map Changes

August 10th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 5 Map Changes

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the other the other update is for I mean I guess the people who don't follow on twitter or, or or on youtube for example, last week we we put out an information sort of talking video where, I covered I talked a little bit more about the northern forest trailer but then also revealed that there will be changes, coming to the dune desert as well so there was that love the map I'm glad you like the map so if you haven't seen the map I have the map here, hopefully this is right hell yeah okay so this is the map that we put out which is kind of like this is the changes that are gonna happen, in update five okay so the it's the writing is kind of small down there but the the red parts are you know category b changes which are going to be mild to significant foliage changes landscape changes may impact, factory so if you watch the video from last week if you haven't watched the video by the way I'll do the youtube command and you can go to the channel that's the latest video, and, yeah so so the dude desert is getting some changes you can see some category b changes there that may impact landscape which may impact your factories if you have them there the blue areas category c are just mild to significant foliage changes, with minor landscape polish that shouldn't impact your factory, so the northern forest obviously is gonna get a lot more foliage and, whatever and that's gonna pop up in your factory for sure so you're gonna have to like tear down those trees somehow, yeah but then some of the changes in the new desert you might you might, might cause some issues for some some people maybe I mean take a look at the video all right I do some before and afters of the dune desert as well if you haven't seen it yet, I also do a before and after of the cave the cave that we we showed in the teaser trailer too so if if you're wondering what that used to look like make sure you watch the youtube, video okay, definitely check that out, assume landscape changes shouldn't affect pre-round belts landscape changes won't affect your factories the only issues that it like it can cause is that like some might be under a rock and you can't get to it anymore right but but nothing will break down so like your factory won't break down what's the get lost area the get lost area which you may be able to see let's see if I can some people have asked okay just zooped away that may have everything okay it's back never mind you know what don't worry don't worry about the get lost area I tried to scale it up and it flew away just got lost yeah the get lost area is just the place you go to get lost, it is in the titan forest you might I don't know if you can see it but it's in the center of the, just next to the to the southeastern area of the, northern forest it says get lost it's just where you go to get lost no not titan as into titan a wrench titan doesn't you know like attack on titan for you know I'm sure that the majority weeb audience that we have here I'm sure I'm pretty sure that people who watch anime and people who love constructing factories go hand in hand literally the same people, yeah I'm pretty sure the tide farthest yes, okay so that's the changes that are coming in update five but we released more maps okay so, here is what we believe is get you know the current plan for what's gonna happen between now and 1.0 in terms of changes so two more categories added category d which is minor polish you can see a lot of the areas, yeah just just minor polished shouldn't really be too big of an impact but also category a significant changes to foliage and landscape, very likely to affect your factories so if people have factories over inspired coast like most people have a lot of like like oil there fuel production for example, me included you may be in trouble all right you may you may you may may be in trouble, will you do anything with x one y zero and I believe that would be the paradise island who knows it's not on the it's not on the map I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen there it's not on the map devs they're just keeping secrets everywhere what's going on there they're like we're going to give you all the information then they just hold out at the end what is this what is this, yeah so, just be wary if you're building in the spire coast you have between now and some point after before 1.0 comes out that we will be changing that area up consider moving things just start at a fuel factory yep minefield factory's there too, yeah so we'll have to yeah that's that's the warning okay so now that sort of means that if you combine these maps so after update five comes out what's gonna happen is, northern forest and dune desert will turn green, and that is because we believe those areas would then be considered final and we're not really going to be reworking them so this is kind of what the the future sort of looks like for the map after we release update five okay rip oil generators yep exactly made a huge factory there yeah I mean it's just gonna happen you know like we're in early access we do need to finish the game, the game requires that we you know make changes to the landscape and you know it's ultimately I guess a risk that y'all are taking and I like I know that that sucks like some people like I got a message on dm's on twitter someone's saying I just spent four months making like a massive factory there and you're telling me to move it I'm that that sucks- I feel that I would feel I would be very frustrated I am frustrated at that even though I haven't done as because I've got like an oil factory there, and I haven't done much like it took me only a few days to make that but to me losing that progress is monumental so I can only imagine what other people are going through too but the goal here is we need to finish the game right so we have to we have to just kind of do it we have to just finish the game and make it the game that we want it to be you know so yeah is the game not in early access it is it isn't early access but still you know still some people I mean losing progress sucks it doesn't it doesn't matter you know you can say the game's in early access too bad but I don't want to say like too bad it's really dismissive you know but I feel for them I do because that would really frustrate me but it is also just the situation is that the game isn't finished then we're finishing it so, so we have we have to do this yeah so it's a bummer but it's definitely a bummer but we have to do it otherwise otherwise we have to lock the game to like how it is now and and you know the team have a different vision than that you know and the game is as good as it is because the team have followed their vision you know what I mean