October 13th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Update on the Mug?

October 13th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Update on the Mug?


This question was possibly replaced with a more recent answer: February 9th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: I would buy Merch but there's no Coffee Cup? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQnAGoo8jQA

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fix the beer mug comfort yeah so the mug I don't know if there's any update on the mug honestly, what was the last thing we said about the mod yeah no there is updates it's it's moving there's like we pretty much know that we're gonna do it I mean we always knew we were gonna do it but we think we know who's gonna do it and we're working out things like how many units we can produce and costs and stuff because it's like always a balancing act right like if if you make like custom things like custom mugs the manufacturers don't want to make a hundred because it's hard for them to set up what they need to make the mug so they need to mass produce it so that, they're not wasting a lot of their money and then we need to be able to sell it otherwise our distributor person is like losing money and we're losing a lot of money so we have to find this like happy medium where everyone wins essentially essentially on the business side of things so we're currently in that kind of process, with a company and hopefully that works out if it does then they're going to be made pre-orders pre-sale, yeah I don't know we'll think about it this pre-orders and pre-self feels weird especially if we're so inconsistent it's like yeah we sold 200 or like a thousand or I don't know 10 or whatever and then we're like oh wait we can't do it or oh wait it's gonna be ten dollars more or like I don't know I'm scared to do it but it would be a really good way to gauge interest but at the same time, the the merch store as it's going has already gone so well that we are all everyone involved in like all the companies or whatever involved in making this happen are more comfortable to make the mugs, so showing like the support people are shown on the merch site already, actually helps the production of further merch, easier so true story sorry yeah