April 6th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Blueprints, when?

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Blueprints, when?


This question was possibly replaced with a more recent answer: November 15th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: When did you decide to add Blueprints? https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxhST7oLrbFk6Es0ZVTDiw1otmYxEMwc55

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blueprints when maybe it is, I think it's actually super important I know that we've had a lot of discussion and- I don't think everyone maybe agrees with me within the studio but recently I had a talk with one of our ui ux designers and he had another concept for it which I think is very promising how we could do it because it's always been an issue as well of like how do we technically approach it and what is the design id behind it do we just allow copy pasting of everything that way can you make your own building setups and save them do we have slots for it that are specific sizes it's all these different kind of questions and then comes the issue that we've always discussed like doesn't it just kind of defeat the point because then you're just constantly copying pasting everything, I'm not too worried about the whole copy-pasting thing I think it's a great addition because this game requires a lot of repetition and we already know that people just they're going to build big anyway we're not really going to stop them that way and it's yeah I don't know I just think it's a must and it's on our internal, road map wow at least look into it so we have planned for it it's just the question of how we're going to do it and I mean I guess it's still the question if we're going to do it but I'm pretty sold on it oh wow oh wow what a turning point so yeah we'll see what happens you guys I'm I'm still like scared because the fact that people are going to hit the object limit and stuff like that is always looming but there are certainly to make that better yeah sure there's all but there's always like there are certain aspects where it's just really frustrating to build in certain cases where you need to repeat like specifically like if you make a big, what's the term like if you have a factory layout that you you have a lot of repetitions in the build of it it's like it takes a lot of time to just like place the splitter hook it up with the conveyor belts and then you're like oh [ __ ] I need put the wrong order and you remove the very belts and they hook it back up again and then you find like [ __ ] I used the wrong conveyor belt for this one and I can't because it's so tight I can't remove it I have to remove the splitter and that is connected with a bunch of papers as well so like there there are cases where I definitely can see that that is very useful and you don't build like that very often where you need to like, when you have like those very complex setups of factory buildings that are connected in a certain way, so I can definitely see a use case there but I'm the one I'm most scared about as a programmer is probably the one where if you have a lot of foundations and you can just like build at infinite


but yeah cool yeah definition bennis actually told me that the foundation thing is really not the biggest problem when it comes to object count yeah and I don't know building a lot of foundations I think shouldn't really be the the hard part of building a factory it's always going to be and the fun part as well as building the buildings right the building the foundations is just the starting point yeah so- I personally don't really agree with the argument that we should limit that because it's I don't know like it's not meaningful to build a lot of foundations unless you try to make something really pretty out of it but then I would rather have people build specific, cosmetic things to make the factory pretty yeah I don't even buy one I don't know if ben has seen the factors where people literally fill the entire world with foundations, yeah but that's more of like an outside tool issue as well right with like if you build the round foundations using the online tool, a lot of them end up underneath the map I think was an issue right that kind of stuff but apparently the biggest issue is actually the buildings themselves because they have so many components to them so one one constructor is not actually just one building it has a lot of different objects inside of it, that count towards subject limit as well and he has actually been doing really good work reducing that so we we are reaching higher levels of maximum and allowed objects effectively because we're reducing the amount of objects in every single building so the future is bright you guys my god 2021 is gonna be the year at least it's brighter