February 2nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Will you guys do a new Studio tour with Sweden on lockdown?

February 2nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Will you guys do a new Studio tour with Sweden on lockdown?


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will you guys do another studio tour of sweden on lockdown so um like sweden's kind of weird with lockdown but anyway um we're not doing another studio tour anytime soon i think not so much because of lockdown i mean i guess that's part of it there's not really many people there but the other thing is that it's not ready there's still everywhere because a lot of people haven't been working at the office so a lot of boxes haven't been unpacked there's renovations that are going to happen so it's like it's like not really something that we want to give a tour of right now it wouldn't be an interesting video um if you go to embracer's youtube channel there's a video about how our uh how our studio is empty um you get to see a bit of the studio there yeah you see a bit of the studio but like it's we're renovating it it's like super empty like we haven't moved in because of uh kovid so like it would be a pretty lame studio tour at this point especially since like we would be doing a studio tour and then like in like a few months it will look completely different and it would be much more sexy so yo you know what we have to do hide and seek stream oh what does that mean it means hide and seek stream in the studio cool cool someone goes and hides the other person has to go and find him oh i see what you mean yeah you mean like an among us i was like so it's so it's kind of like a studio tour but the studio doesn't have to be finished because it's it's not finished yet it's a lot of empty rooms yeah anyway that's a crazy idea that i just had crazy idea on stream crazy idea we'll see who knows i can't believe it um we're renovating for six months no the renovation started like last month so we've we've been talking about renovating but it actually hasn't started until like last month or so i didn't even know that it started no yeah i believe it i started now because it was it was slated for start of january so yeah