September 29th, 2020 Livestream Jace & Snutt Talk: Dev Streams

September 29th, 2020 Livestream

Jace & Snutt Talk: Dev Streams

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what was I gonna say yeah so on friday hopefully, maybe, one of our developers dylan is gonna be streaming a little bit of development and talk a lot about what he's doing he's been working on this new save system format ooh which had like no effect on anyone playing the game but it might be interesting it might be interesting and it has a big it has had a big impact on us for us going forward working on the level, so it's a it's a pretty big significant improvement for us at least so the only way for us really to highlight that is to have dylan talk a little bit better would that, would that affect like the auto saves at all, so I don't think it will I when I air quotes I don't think it will but dylan did look at like that part of it and like maybe I can improve it a little bit so he's I don't know I don't want to promise anything because I don't know if this was like if I misunderstood him but it sounded like it might be a little bit better like no huge improvement but he did notice that he had like this test say that it was running, and he said that like it would save in like whatever time it was and he got a little bit of improvement and he and that was a fairly big save, so he said that yeah maybe a little bit better but I don't want to make any promises because I've only tested like a few save files, and you know it's very like when it comes to optimization and like you know generally how the game run and all the like complications that people run into like the way people can build makes it so that there are so many like constellations and combinations of things that we haven't like yet noticed or like thought about so, like when we've been testing we've found like oh in this use case there's an issue and that's a fairly easy simple fix and there's just a bunch of those types of use cases so when we've been testing saving and we noticed like oh it's a little bit better like that doesn't necessarily mean that it's better overall because we've had in the past where like we've done tests and it looked like ah there's no significant improvement and then when people in community play it and we're like wait there's a significant improvement in community, at least how people are reporting it so it's kind of hard for us to know sometimes so it might be that but fingers crossed maybe but anyway at any rate he'll be able to talk a bit more about exactly what it means and he's a cool guy so you get to like meet him and hang out with him yeah he's all right, so that's coming friday hopefully we'll we'll post on our socials and whatnot when when when things will happen hopefully we can do more of this in the future, have more we we did in the past we had a few dev streams where people would, stream while working yeah we're trying to get like more devs, involved now yeah, and like trying to get them like scheduled in as well and that doesn't take too much away from the game because like for example anna we made a video I don't know if you guys have seen it check out youtube, I made it I made a video with anna our 3d artist and she showed off some stuff, and you know that's a just a few hours of her time and we're not going to have her on for I don't know like a month or two or three because there are other people to highlight right so it's only like three four hours of one person's time, taken away so like those things you get to meet people you get to see, their work flow you get to see some of the just the in-game behind the scenes stuff and it doesn't really take away you get to meet them and then it doesn't really take away from the, dev, time at all yeah I posted a link, of that video in chat if you're into like because this is like the first time we've ever showcased any 3d artist I believe yeah yeah so I think it's a pretty big deal, so if you're interested in like the 3d, like artist aspect of of creating our game I highly recommend it because she goes really deep into like maya and how she sculpts and, models the assets which is a real like significant like I don't think people understand how how much time it takes to create those assets, yeah and you'll learn a bit more she showcases a little bit of shaders, some textures the different tools that she uses it's it's really nice and she's cool I say that about everyone that's on but like it's because I only picked the cool people the rest of my garbage I'm kidding it's a joke it's a joke camera ah cut to commercial [ __ ], hashtag cancel js yeah technical difficulties, so yeah if yeah highly recommend checking that out if you're into 3d art and want to know more but we're we're also using blender now so it's it's like tiny bit outdated I guess or, well all our 3d areas blender now I mean I mean it's kind of outdated because she used older files right yeah like she did the manufacturer before we switched I mean the work process is still the same and like it's still showcasing three I like how yeah yeah how it works like she wasn't showcasing software necessarily apart from subs and painter yeah anyway it's cool check out the video it's it's really really cool