November 16th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Frequently Asked Questions about where Satisfactory will be released

November 16th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Frequently Asked Questions about where Satisfactory will be released

00:00 FAQ about where Satisfactory will be released
00:13 The answer...
00:32 Focusing on developing the game rather than platform maintenance
01:35 Q&A: Is recompiling for Linux really that hard in UE4?
02:11 "Just update to Unreal Engine 5"
02:31 Dedicated Servers
03:13 Multi-threading on Linux
03:25 Q&A: I'd assume that was the point of using something like Unreal Engine or Unity?
04:01 Unity

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native linux support it's not impossible I'm gonna I'm gonna catch all of these in one go here so are we gonna see it on console are we gonna see it on mac are we gonna see on linux the main game I mean, the question the answer is we don't know at this point because we want to tackle one thing at a time and by one thing at a time I mean the actual game on pc right now so like once once we feel finished with the game on pc then we can start looking into like porting it to console potentially or mac and linux, stuff like that, but we really want to focus on the game instead of focusing on maintenance because that really is like what it is like when you're when you're launching it on different consoles and stuff like that you're really maintaining the game you're not working on it there's going to be all these like random extra things that you need to do that don't push the game forward it's just to like keep it running on that platform and again like I was saying like we need to push the game forward because we need to figure out like solve all these major issues like or the major problems yeah, how to of how to finish the game if we have all these other platforms it's going to slow us down yeah I'm really happy that like because this this has been sort of the the mo for coffee stain before I joined as well even before we launched the game to have sort of this appeal I've been in a situation where we just try to please everyone and just like launch on everything at the same time and just like and it's it really is such a time consuming thing like maintaining even it doesn't feel like it but it's just the same game like it totally isn't it you it's so much work maintaining multiple platforms yeah so, firewall's here saying I'm a dev but not a game dev it's recompiling for linux that hard in ue4 so it's like recompiling might not be hard but it might it might just not work but but like you might get that to work but that doesn't mean it's going to run exactly the same and then you end up with all these platform-specific issues and like we've already run into that with the dedicated servers because we have linux builds and there's already like the linux version does some wacky thing that the windows one doesn't do and and you know so like the whole like you know in unreal engine 4 you know you could you just build linux version right it never ever ever works like that it never works that way yeah, and so like when folks say like just update update, to unreal engine five it it's it just works it doesn't never work it never works if anyone ever tells you anything to do with development just work they're lying immediately run away or they haven't done it themselves they haven't done themselves or it just works in one one situation you know because we actually have that it doesn't work in yours because we actually have that with dedicated service when we we actually started with like both at the same time to be like all right let's try them on both the linux because you kind of need if you want to support a platform you have to start with it early so when we when we we're getting to the point where like we got dedicated source working properly we actually had both a linux server machine and a windows server running and and for a bit we were like why is this issue happening and it was like oh it's because this is the linux and then we had to like step back a little bit and be like all right if we're going to fix issues we probably should fix them for windows first and then we can dive into linux to take it one at a time so even in that like little space we still run into linux issues and and we still are like the the the core thing is a linux thing as far as I know that you can't run multiple cores and stuff that's super annoying and that's not something I assume that was the point of sorry I'd assume that was the point of using something unrelenting or unity yeah no and but but those engines do help right like they like they do compile to linux they can like allow you to do that stuff but it doesn't mean it just works yeah it never just works like you might it might technically work but you have it it's never like a perfect thing you're also at the mercy of their implementation of something on a different platform so like if unity hasn't you know maintained their linux you know rendering api properly with the new updates in linux then you're kind of screwed, it is a huge task honestly like when unity launched I remember that was like a big thing for unity that they wanted to support you know mobile and pc at the same time and that is that is the reason why like nobody had done it before is because it's such a huge ball claim and at the beginning unity couldn't really like do it like it was half working and then they got better at it and and now they have like a ton of platforms but it's still not perfect like if you want to port a game to a console like you can technically do it but like you still need to put in a lot of work to make it work so yeah