July 6th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Will Update 5 live up to the hype?

July 6th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Will Update 5 live up to the hype?


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will update five live up to the hype I mean that's kind of interesting because I felt like update four wouldn't live up to that but I feel like it kind of did yeah that was surprising to me actually yeah I was worried about update four, because update no anymore yeah that was so surprising because, around the board sort of like the interest for update four was bigger than update three on the like if we if we do the measurement like the boring we don't really care about that stuff me and jace personally, but like watching like seeing people watch the stream and like people that you know interacted on our forums and stuff like that we could definitely see an increase of interest for update four which was surprising to me, wow okay now I see okay yeah yeah, so I don't know, I will we'll have to find out when update fire comes out and you know like I think I think, I think we shouldn't it's hard not to but I think we really shouldn't just just shouldn't really care about it because eventually you're gonna have to you're gonna have to release something that's not as good as the exciting thing before like statistically that's just gonna have to happen and all we have to do is just focus on doing what we think is right and doing what we think is good and whether you know whether it ends up being that this next update is as good or better than the ones before or if it falls short I think we should just be okay with that no matter what and always look to see what we can learn from it of course but, like this is me thinking out loud because this is something that I like every sort of you know cycle of this kind of thing that happens I sort of have to remind myself like I can't expect to always one-up ourselves all the time right yeah that's like a weird head space to be in yeah I'm not really sure it's also like scary because it feels like that could be a slippery slope to like the the crunch culture and like we have to keep yeah yeah like we have to over do the yeah I feel like it's we're doing what we think is is hype in the time frame that we have you know, and if that turns out to be a big flop or like a big you know success or whatever like that's fine we're still working on the game and I think it's okay if we flop and update you guys yeah we have yeah which is nice but I think I think it's inevitable sure like if we don't that's great I mean cool but I think, it's important to be okay with it happening if it does happen yeah exactly