November 11th, 2022 Video Applying the Iron Rod Manifold

November 11th, 2022 Video

Applying the Iron Rod Manifold

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really nice and now let's apply the the blueprint manifold that we just created so I'm going to open here go to manifolds I've got the iron Rod manifold you can also put these on the hot bar so I'm going to do that place that there and then I can place this wherever I want so remember how I talked about like direction of the belts before it's really key when you're making the manifold, when you're making the blueprint that you keep track of this because one issue currently with the current release is that you place a blueprint with one click but if you want to make any changes to the blueprint at the moment you have to sort of, dismantle everything so if you have like a very complex blueprint with a lot of stuff in it and you place it down and you realize you messed up you're gonna have to dismantle all of that stuff, we're we're gonna look into seeing if we can figure out like a fix for that or working or something like that in the future but for this first iteration it is what it is all right so let's place the manifold I think it's facing the right direction and place this over here and look at it go look at it guys I think the build effect is a bit too slow but, you get the point look at that there's our manifold super cool and it was just one click away so I'm gonna