November 11th, 2022 Video Name, Description, Directory, Icons

November 11th, 2022 Video

Name, Description, Directory, Icons

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right so let's give it a name I'm going to call it the iron Rod manifold, you can give it a description here I'm going to type in a two by four, Constructor manifold making 120 per minutes iron rots short and sweet all right, I'm gonna set an icon for this blueprint I'm gonna use the this one, this is for in the build menu you can also change the color of like this pattern behind it I'm gonna just leave it as it is and lastly you can set the directory where this blueprint will show up and we'll get into that a bit later but I'll just show you real quick here because I do need to set it, so it when when you're in the build menu and you're picking which blueprint to build, you can sort of customize how the that whole scheme should look like so here I've got like a couple of tabs here for different categories and Within These I also have like, subcategories that I can customize completely I've already made a manifolds category here but I do need to make a subcategory for that so I'm going to edit this I'm going to go to add subcategory I'm going to call this subcategory iron because this is where I put all my iron related manifolds and then this is where that blueprint will go and then I'll apply up changes and then close this and then save the blueprints there we go so now my iron