September 13th, 2022 Livestream State of Dev

September 13th, 2022 Livestream

State of Dev

00:00 Intro
00:50 Merch Update
04:04 Shipping costs & EU Merch
06:36 State of Dev
08:02 New build pieces
08:58 Pieces being removed from Experimental
17:23 Update 6 coming out next week
18:15 A couple more things...
18:54 Issues with crash reporter

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so welcome everybody my name is Snowden I'm joined by Jace by your fellow Community manager and right still on break by the way I'm not really back I just come back for, just for the community Highlights part so yeah he's face back for the streams yeah fake exactly I just miss you guys that's all yeah oh we miss YouTube man what the what, anyways so yeah welcome so welcome so we've actually got a couple of Juicy things to talk about today, I think well the biggest juicy thing if you haven't seen where there's going to be a full-on state of Dev, later down the line I just want to really quickly say if anyone has missed it next week September 20th update 6 is going to be available on Early Access good times will be had by all okay this that's that's the most important thing okay so we'll talk more about that in state of Dev Dev as to like what's going on and what we're doing up until that point but we also really quickly want to run through state of Dave yes it's not this is not an accident wherever it is, this we We There Is state of Dave and state of death yeah so so how is Dave doing I think you you've got the scoop here Jason yes Dave so the current state of Dave, Dave is currently solving problems making people happy feels good man that is the current state of Dave, and it does bring us to the next section which is the merch update so you know wonder why Dave is feeling so good so so if you don't know who Dave is by the way Dave is of course the the big boy who's handling all the stuff for Heroic replicas which is one of our merch Partners, handling a whole bunch of merch stuff yeah a lot of people who the hell is Dave yeah so Dave from heroic replicas you guys so, they do a heroic wait do we have a merch command don't we we do I think yeah there we go and also we have merch on good smile too which used to be four fans by fans but we're spit talking specifically about Dave who runs the lizard website he runs, heroic replicas and he's been he's responsible for the cup you know the mug fix it mug, xenobashers the big large doggo plushes we also have smaller dogger plushers on the good smile website too so check out both, but we do have some pretty big movement when it comes to merch when it comes to the heroic replicas side of things okay folks so, I'm gonna try and give you all the information as quickly as I can but I'm, this is all fairly new information to me too so it's so it kind of has a lot of it there's a lot of it and I kind of have to read and try and make this you know in a good way all right so I'm gonna just do my best guys so first of all, of course heroic replicas started out as a, Kickstarter campaign and so what's been really cool about this is that, he got great great feedback great, support on Kickstarter and at this point in time all Kickstarter and other pre-orders have now actually been shipped to everyone as of last week, most are already received there are probably still some coming out, but everything has been shipped okay if you're missing, your delivery or you haven't got a notification or something like that you can contact Dave at ask lizard doggo at okay I'll put that in the chat ask lizard doggo at if you have any issues about you know whether or not your things are coming, and then so far, reception for plushes stickers and keychains have been great, and and however there has been some feedback about the cups that have had some cosmetic defects so we're talking about like chips, broken handles, and for some people like even the Fix-It logo has been poorly applied now just one thing we want to be clear about here is that that's you know, not acceptable Dave doesn't think it's acceptable either so if you have any of those kind of issues please do not hesitate to contact Dave at ask lizard doggo at heroic if you have any issues with your merch they will be replaced okay so please reach out you guys paid for a good quality stuff right so and Dave wants to deliver on that for sure so please, please contact him all right we want to do what's what we can, another another cool thing is that, shipping costs have actually been rebalanced a little bit for smaller orders so now for smaller orders you will, save a little bit more money just a couple bucks not maybe not too much and for orders over 60 shipping is a flat 15 and that applies to over 25 countries because another big big update here folks is that, we now the heroic replicas store now has Warehouse locations in the US EU and other worldwide places so shipping should be considerably better now, outside of North America right so this is huge we've been trying to get this thing happened EU shipping and also worldwide, and Dave from replicas has put it together and made it happen so, they should now be much more affordable shipping to everyone outside of North America there are also now t-shirts that's also a thing that you can pre-order at lizard so do check that out, the shirts are being sourced locally to their warehouses in USA Canada and Ireland, there's a few different designs, and I think the first batch of everything is arriving next month so right now there's a 10 off old t-shirt pre-orders and also no EU import duties, no EU import duties because we have an EU store, lowest t-shirt Price ever guaranteed quality equals best time to ever order a t-shirt so that's what Dave says okay so this is actually pretty huge you guys that's a lot of stuff or a lot of news yeah yeah so we've been talking a lot about EU stores for a very long time we're and you know like guys it is it is so hard to make it happen like we thought it was why how could it be so hard apparently it's incredibly hard but it turns out Dave is incredibly knowledgeable and resilient when it comes to setting up everything to do with merch and really passionate about it and he's just he's done all of this he's invested a lot of time into this yeah yeah yeah yeah he's gone all in to, he really cares about you know us in satisfactory and and giving you guys, good good merch so yay Dave all right cool I think I think that's it yeah nice wow you plabbed through that holy yeah yeah cause it looks bigger right on the email very nice so a lot of movement essentially is the tldr if you just joined us and you missed all of that a lot of movement on the EU merch check out lizard, lizard yeah looking forward here's the merch links again you've got two stores guys one with good smart one with, lizard dog yes yes cool it's not cool the rest of us are gonna jump into, talking about this stuff with the game and such thanks Jay's Health a lot there we go he helped me a lot


all right so what's going on with the game I also got to update the agenda otherwise it doesn't count Boop so if you're just joining us welcome to the weekly live stream my name is snow blah blah blah I'm Community manager at blah blah blah blah blah we make a game yada yada yada satisfactory Good Times and that's it for me this week thanks so much for joining blah blah blah hope you had a good time etc etc good times will be had by all the most important thing to talk about is that update six is coming out on Early Access next week obviously if you've been playing an experimental you've pretty much know what's going on, there is you know the game has been on experimental for a while and last week we pushed a bunch of goodies, there's you know I don't know if I clarified that enough but I feel like I have at this point because- I feel like a rambling idiot but essentially we've been working on like this update was a bit different compared to other updates this was a much smaller update because we've been working on many things at the same time as update six some things we weren't going to push into update six and, so so there's a bunch of goodies right now that we released last week there were things that were sort of leftovers from update five that we didn't have time to finish for update five and we said we'll finish them when we can and in between we got all the like stuff out that was important to get up for update six we also started working on you know finishing wrapping up that stuff for update five so what that includes are the corner roof tiles and the cornered, wall tiles tiles wall pieces and, we also last week pushed the half foundations so it's for 4x8 foundations, all the the height so one to four meters and no something else yeah you can paint corner pieces as well and stuff like that right so, there's a couple of things I want to talk about that specifically, before I forget so one important thing to note here that we're not 100 sure if all those cosmetic pieces are going to be part of the update 6 release which is going to be really weird so so here's the here's the backstory of this, there's a couple of issues with the the new build pieces that we introduced last week that we we were kind of aware of but we weren't aware of like to the ex what extent, the build pieces were because we only thought that the build pieces issues with the bugs that we had were only like snapping related in terms of like when you're placing them but we also found out that if you remember when in update five when we introduced the corner something we realized we had an issue where the the mesh wasn't correctly rotated so we had to rotate it and if people who had already placed it all their like meshes would rotate and then we were like whoa, my bad and then we made like a fix for that and say fossil when you loaded up an old save file it would flip them back didn't quite work for everyone so yeah it's it was a bit weird and we're sort of getting Deja Vu of that issue, because right now we're having some snapping issues with the half Foundation pieces and like when you paint them in like concrete and stuff like that they're not snapping correctly and they move and stuff like that and we were there's two options that are ahead of us one option is to just be like all right we know that this is buggy and we're going to fix it you know no matter what but it might go out in that state on Early Access and it might be buggy and you know that it is what it is right and then when we can fix it in the coming weeks etc etc, the problem though is that if we do make a fix that requires us to change sort of the how the foundation pieces are placed if we do need to move them a little bit and rotate them so they snap correctly that means that if you already build with them they're going to move and they're going to look weird maybe so if you already made something that looks correct in your base maybe it doesn't and I don't know the specifics as to like what is correct and what isn't because I know that like the concrete pieces sit in one spot whereas the the rest of them don't and yeah it's a bit of like a conundrum where okay if we push it to Early Access people might experience that issue and you know that kind of experience is like one thing when it's on the experimental Branch because then people are opting into experimental and they know well we hope they do sort of what they're getting into but when it's on the Early Access Branch it's a completely it's a little bit of a different story so, so yeah that's the one option we're thinking we're thinking of either removing that option to build with those pieces until we fix those bugs and, then be able to push it on Early Access or we just kind of let it happen essentially so those are the two options and- I think like from from you guys's perspective and for what I think it feels a bit scummy to sort of like add one thing and then remove it again because that's essentially what's gonna happen you guys are gonna get access to a build piece like and then we're gonna have to remove it because we don't feel like it's safe enough for Early Access, so we're not 100 sure what we do there, yeah leave to honor experimental push the rest of EA is half doable but I don't know if that is actually doable at the moment but that might be something we can do later down the line maybe after the push I don't know it's it's a little bit of a tricky situation I kind of wanted to have more information about that today but we still haven't sort of decided that apparently, or maybe we have and I just haven't read that message no okay so we don't know, I'll keep you guys updated as much as I can what happens I mean you'll notice as well when it's on EA, but it is it is one thing like when it's on experimental it's behaving in a different way and then when we push it on a Early Access I mean it's still an early access game so you could argue that like if you buy an early access game you sort of have to be prepared that you know the game is early access like when we say we're moving to the stable Branch you know the stable branch is relative right it's it's a relatively it's a stable for an early access game you know, so so it is a bit annoying, it's a little bit of a bummer we didn't think that we we were so stoked to just release it and be like hey look here it is build with that and see what you can make with it, we didn't think that it was gonna be you know putting us in this spot essentially somewhat yeah exactly so, we'll see what happens, but yeah just be prepared just share the knowledge with everyone and it might be that we have to postpone those no bill pieces and if you've already built with them, I don't know what will happen actually I think they will reappear, reappear in, I shouldn't say anything about that because I actually don't know, so so so just so you guys are aware of that, just know that that the state of like half foundations and stuff like that is a bit in in a weird state right now but we're you know whatever happens happens sure it will be interesting I think we are going to try and make it so that if we do remove them you'll still be able to load your save files and then once, they're ready for Early Access and we push them on Early Access then they will be available or we'll do the thing where they're available in an experimental and if you want to get them back you'll just stay on the experimental Branch or something I don't know we'll see what happens it's it's a little bit of a weird conundrum, so yeah could leave them in game not selected to build that is one option as well I mean that that's sort of we haven't made a decision as like what we do yet,


so so yeah whatever happens is experimental States and experimental so that's to say that I just want to quickly say that, please please spread that knowledge, so that everyone's aware of that so if the the half foundations and the half walls no not the half walls the yeah those stuff disappear I think it's mostly the half foundations that are having the issue honestly, and some of the wall clippings to the half of Nations but I think it's mostly yeah we'll see what happens, what else was I was going to talk about the thing yeah right oh so, on the topic of like those Foundation pieces, there are one or two left that we haven't added yet that we also plan to do so there's like there's a couple of edge cases literally kind of there's a couple of cases where if you're using slanted walls you can't make corner pieces that fully cover them I think we have that plan so that's also coming, there's one more build piece that I'm forgetting now or maybe that was it I can't remember, but there's a couple of more cases where, there's like one or two buildables still missing in action still so that's coming but you know there's a lot of stuff going on right now and it's those stuff are those things have been a little bit like bonus at this point so so yes oh also so on the topic of that as well so one known issue with the snapping as well because the the biggest issue is really how the snapping works that's sort of why we were hoping that, if we just let them be the way they are right now like they'll won't break your your factory lines or whatever they move around too much because most of the issues are related to snapping like how they snap through the billables and stuff like that and some in some cases they are there are ways to work around them and the main reason why, they snap so weirdly is because they're set up to act sometimes like walls and sometimes like Foundation pieces whereas some of the like corner pieces aren't really walls because they can snap to more than one Edge right, so that's why they're behaving a bit weirdly right now they're kind of like behaving they should be behaving like Foundation pieces but they're behaving like wall pieces and vice versa stuff like that so long story short we will get around to fixing this, cool all right did I mention that the update is coming out next week on on Tuesday September 20th on Early Access I didn't all right cool it's coming out next week on Tuesday all right fantastic, what else is there to talk about I think I covered most of the ground here that that was the main thing really like the the biggest thing to take note of is the, Foundation pieces being kind of so and so we'll see what happens with those but just be prepared that if they disappear they will come back, please don't please don't sue us Foundation pieces oh what my Foundation pieces oh boy oh lordy so yeah should we just dive into, the the the the


Q a I guess I'm just gonna check my notes real quick because I feel like I'm forgetting something, nope that was it still working on fixing crashes still working on like we're we're in that state right now where we're stabilizing the bill as much as we can I think there's another patch coming in today hopefully question mark, and, hopefully we'll resolve more crashes there's been a couple of odd okay so there's been a couple of odd crashes where you don't get a crash reporter like when the game just shuts down essentially is what happening, if that happens please go to the QA site and make a ticket and include the logs that is in you can find it in your local app data and it's under factory game and it's under saved in the logs because that's the only thing we they that's the only information we can go on at that point, but only do that if you're not using mods because if you're using mods then it's you know it could be the monster breaking it and it's impossible for us to know, until access logs cut down trees record to get I'm gonna time you out, so so be aware of that as well I think there's going to be I don't know exactly what's going into this patch I think it's mostly going to be bug fixes, I don't think that anything new exciting is coming but I might be wrong might be wrong