May 19th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Gafgar Talk: Zombie Pioneers

May 19th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Gafgar Talk: Zombie Pioneers

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game finally yes yes one thing that I think is really that we haven't talked about is so we've had an issue in the game for a long time and and we've kind of like had to we've kind of decided to be that way and that's the thing where if you like play offline or if you get disconnected or if you join in and you're not logged in on whatever then you'll spawn in as a different pawn right and for the that necessity of like if you can't authenticate and you log in like we we connect the the player in the game with your kind of epic was it the epic id we used before or it was a combination of what's called a product user id and epic id yeah so so like if you're playing offline you lose that information and then when you join in you don't know like which player is who like, so so that's been kind of a thing that's been in the game for a long time, and I don't know if have we done anything to to make that process better or in in this version or we have done some things with it I it wasn't me doing that so I can't say for sure and I at once I haven't been able to test multi playing multiplayer in that kind of like sense much my own myself so I haven't been able to see the effects of it but our goal were to be able to like when you cross play and you play one pawn or like it's called a player it's called the pawn that's just under the surface in the code it's called pawn, when you're playing one pawn, in one on one platform and then you go to another platform and play and or something like that you you want to be the same player and we did some work with that but I don't know exact results of it and in when working on that we talked about solutions for solving the offline stuff as well but I actually don't know if we did what we did because we have implemented it when we when I migrated the save system to cache your last logged in epic id or something like that so that and that could have been used to like when you're playing offline be like oh but you were last login with this product id and blah blah so I can hook you up, and and another solution that we've talked about as I said I'm not saying this is gonna maybe necessarily be in the game but one discussion we've had is to like have some kind of like when you're joining be able to select which player you want to play as maybe manually or something like that, because you know that will never fail in the sense that you're lost but but then you'll also get the issue like if you use someone else to save you can be like quote unquote safe scum and like place one pawn in one end of the in the world and then save and then reload and then join us another player somewhere else and stuff like that and kind of make a transportation system by that so like sounds good yeah let's do it, so like there there that's that's one thing that we've for the longest time been wanting to fix and do something about and I think I think this system also is a big like step as to like more tools we can use to to make that system better as well yeah