March 1st, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Steam Deck release?

March 1st, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Steam Deck release?

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so yeah steam deck release yeah so if you guys didn't know we don't we are not verified on steam deck, because we don't have control and support I think I think you can get around it does anybody have a steam deck and have tried side satisfactory by the way because we have tried ourselves but we haven't played that much we've just like noticed that it we just like tried it and it's like does it run it does run okay cool, it is playable yeah it is playable on steam deck it doesn't, scale to the proper resolution I believe and it doesn't have control support there's a bunch of other issues like some minor issues like ui too and I can't remember what else, I think I saw a reddit post about someone like postings things but you can't get around that stuff I believe on the steam deck, but, it's not like optimal and I think you can remap the controller to kind of work on steam deck so yeah it kind of works but it doesn't it's not officially like supported or verified or whatever they call it and we don't know when if we'll do that because controller support is like the main gripe, with that because that's a lot of work man this whole fresh delivery took some quite quite some time huh, so yes I got an update today on to devs saying to contact valve if you need help with making it fully compatible I don't think valve can help us in this situation because it is really tied to our game, he's walking to hella fresh's warehouse I guess that's what's happening