September 21st, 2021 Livestream Q&A: As someone who has not played; I'm sorry, what?

September 21st, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: As someone who has not played; I'm sorry, what?

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but in the meantime I love that they've, gone to this they did something with it yeah yeah yeah they just kind of owned it clones confirmed yeah yeah clone wars as someone who has not played yet I'm sorry what okay so, we have a we have a thing with the game right now if you play the game offline every time you restart you load your save you load in as a new pioneer and your old pioneer still remains in the world where it was when you quit sitting down on the ground and it still has your items yeah so normally what you would do is you would go and kill the old version of you take your items back and then keep playing, just kind of like a I guess it's a bug but it's it's well it's sort of is working as we intended it to yeah it's just in order to make it work how people would want it to it's actually a little bit hard yeah we will do it at some point it's it's based on the fact that like satisfactory is first and foremost made for multiplayer right so like it's easier to do it's easier to like work on oh it's not easy making multiplayer but like it's easier like work on a multiplayer game and then sort of make it sing a player rather than the other way around because you know systems and it's difficult making multiple games right and, one of the reasons why we had this thing where like when you leave a session like because it's always tied to your session id like your like your steam id or your epic id or whatever you use to identify your player right and when you quit playing, we didn't want it to be the case where like you'd start back at the hub when you rejoin because if you're on the side of the map and doing something else you'd have to like run back all the way so that meant like okay when you quit a session let's save the location you were at but then another problem is but what if you're building on the player where you saved last time then when you spawn in you'll just be inside a building and that won't work so okay so you need to make it so that the player is still physically in the world otherwise you'll get that issue but that produced this problem yeah and and and like so the the the difficult thing of like repossessing the your player so it's tied to your your, your id like your steam or your epic id right so we can so when you when you start the game we would check your steam or epic idea and be like you belong to this pioneer and then we put you in that body and you get your items back but like if we didn't do that, like if we weren't it's hard to sort of figure out well which pioneer if we don't have your steam or epic id it's hard for us to be like which pioneer there could be three or four pioneers which one should we put you in and whose items should you take and then if you take that person and then log out what's gonna happen the next time that person logs in so it's it's really messy so there just needs to be a a better solution overall for this kind of thing and we will do it at some point but yeah I don't have this issue for single player applications so like this only happens if you're not like logged in when you start if you're if you are playing an offline mode offline mode yeah so all right which one is the original we will never know we will never know yeah gotta shoot all of them yep all right