November 16th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Build server fell over

November 16th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Build server fell over

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so, let's let's get the the the show on the road and just get some good old state of dev out out of the woods out of the door get that information out what do you got for us oh your boy I got some information for you so last week I know that I said like last week we were gonna push a patch like the next day or maybe the same day as the stream went up but, we got some issues on our end with the build server that we're using we have like a pipeline for like how our builds go out and, whenever we so the here's how the sausage is made guys okay so whenever when we like when we're making these builds it's kind of like since we're still developing the game and like doing a lot of stuff at the same time it's like developments count all over the place you know like some people are working on this some people are working on that, and when it comes to fixing things that are gonna go into the live build which is the one that go live right now on experimental, sometimes depending on like what phase of development we're in we need to like sort of jump into like a separate release branch where which means that like some people have worked on something and if they fixed a bug then they need to move that over to that release branch, or they can you know do the fix on the release branch but then they still need to merge it back go into the dev it's it's a it's a it's a mess it's a mess and essentially like a lot of stuff went down with a lot of fixes because we had a lot of fixes in there and when we started the build the build server had like a ton of stuff going for it so it just like crapped out on us and it did that the entire week until we like fixed it friday so friday we actually managed to get a build but like at that point it's like too late to push it because if it doesn't work then we can't do anything, so it's always risky so we elected to wait until monday which is yesterday and then we push the patch