July 6th, 2021 Livestream Jace & Roger & Alex Talk: Trello Board

July 6th, 2021 Livestream

Jace & Roger & Alex Talk: Trello Board


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actually there was something that- I forgot to talk about, the trailer work the trailer board exactly and I think I believe roger you created that right or yeah I just created but the other folks brought it to life because I didn't know how to use trello properly but it came to life as the time passed because all the translators and proof readers are very active and it worked very well at the start you you were a little I don't know how to say and I don't know if you you don't didn't want to use the trello board because it it will be another thing to look at but in the end it was very useful I think for yeah both both parties yeah because it's it's you guys use it like a lot now right yeah yeah yeah so it's actually but the the credit goes to andrey and andar ondrata- I don't know how to spell his name because he he actually gave the idea in the orders and they just created okay yeah yeah so for those who don't know trello is actually just like a ticket system so you can like make tickets or bugs and add some extra information so so the community has a community driven one of those where they sort of track their bugs, like power bugs yeah and it's kind of done in a different sort of avenue than than the rest of the game bugs are tracked yeah sorry did you just have something else, alex I know I just wanted to thank everybody in the localization community for coming up with a lot of things like reporting those bugs the trailer thing was very helpful, eventually we got the ui team to look at it and we're going through those bugs some of them are fixed many of them are fixed really a lot of issues are fixed thanks to you guys for reporting them and don't ever feel like you're doing something like you're being picky or something report everything that's our job to make the game better and we are thankful for every help we can get so even if you report a tiny mistake if you report like 12 mistakes in a row that's okay that's fine it's much better than not reporting them so please look at them and process them you know as you know when we can kind of thing so it's always better to have more than less