December 8th, 2020 Livestream State of Dev: Update 4

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 4

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let's do it yeah we can do that, last week we also released a video chase, yeah what was that about again that was, I'm also trying to remember what it was yeah it was tier eight it was t-rex yeah we pronounced here eight we did it I also legit forgot yeah, yeah so last year I made a video right, about, tier viii will be coming to update four so yeah finally it's we're gonna be getting that so you guys, and, if you haven't seen it can you grab that link I sure can but tldr, tier eight will be coming to tier, to update four and essentially what it is is tier seven and eight are part of, just like a of a new phase basically right so tier seven and eight are very closely linked and so the way that we sort of saw tier viii how that was supposed to be has kind of changed over time given from feedback from you guys and just things that we've observed, so a bunch of tier seven is being reworked some things in tier seven are being moved up to tier eight and then there's also the new content that's coming in tier eight and I think there's new stuff also coming into tier seven because they're they're kind of like linked pretty much everything else is being untouched tier five and six is getting some rebalancing but basically the same but what this does mean is your says will basically break, for update four if you have tier seven and eight, kind of stuff basically because production lines are being changed as well new parts are being added, there's a lot of changes now the save will load you you won't you won't lose your save you you should be able to repair your factory, but how much work that'll take you know that depends on, you what you've what you've done so, yeah that's so that's what's happened with tier 8 so check out that video, I actually give some information about what production lines are being changed and other new things that are coming so I recommend if you want information about that tier eight and update four check that video because I forget it now okay so I can't tell you right now yeah the specific production lines are in that video explaining exactly the rationale why and then and and mark gives top 10 tips protect your factory in update for mark out director he gives us 10 useful tips so check out the video it's it's by far the shortest top 10 list I've ever seen but it's really good it's in the top 10 shortest top 10 yeah and yeah gary also oh sorry it's- I just wanted to say like I think or the way we think it's going to be it's going to be very similar to how you know your game game safe broke when update 3 came out so if if you've been with us since before update 3 then you'll kind of know like what to expect I think probably not as bad as that though I think because I think with update three everything kind of just got touched and everything's kind of all over the place yeah but in this case it's it's quite confined to late game yeah to tier seven yeah yeah two two seven and, and now eight yeah so I think, yeah it's a little different in that case