July 3rd, 2020 Video Jace Talk: Sales figures for Satisfactory

July 3rd, 2020 Video

Jace Talk: Sales figures for Satisfactory


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what we're rolling with but we're also talking about sales so the number of sales of satisfactory something that I think a lot of people are interested in and you know like last year we announced when we hit five when we hit 500,000 sales on epic which was about like around this time last year I think and yeah so that was that was crazy at that time all right that will very happy and thank you all so much for that support at that time but is it has been a another year and we're out on steam as well so let's have a look at how many sales that we have we have made right so the total number of sales get ready boy signals is 1 million three hundred and twenty six thousand five hundred and eighteen copies of satisfactory has been sold between steam and epic which I can't even understand the number you know what I mean it's just like so big I'm just kind of like okay like that's that's good and everyone's like yeah that is good I don't know like that's just bonkers and something I just kind of want to say though is like revealing numbers like this and that they're if they're good and like they're good I feel like we'll always be like a little wonky it's like oh my God look at how many numbers like the numbers look how many copies that we sold it's like look how amazing we are and and that's not like I don't know like maybe that's still happening but but that's not the the place that this idea has come from you know I just think the transparency is really important I've always been as transparent as possible I think some people they they want to know the numbers they're curious about it and then we know the numbers so like why not like why not do this you know is this like safe for kids yeah so that's kind of just where it's coming from and I think a lot of people would be interested so yeah but those numbers aren't pretty damn good thank you everyone thank you so much for this I don't think anyone was ever expecting this when we made the game yeah it's amazing thank you so much so let's do a little breakdown a lot of