July 3rd, 2020 Video Jace Talk: Sales breakdown, Steam vs. Epic

July 3rd, 2020 Video

Jace Talk: Sales breakdown, Steam vs. Epic


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let's do a little breakdown a lot of people might want to know how much was on one thing and how much was on the other so the total number is sold on Steam is 1 million three hundred twenty-six thousand five hundred and nine and epic is nine yeah I told you like a year ago we only sold nine on epic and no one else bought it people would buy it then refund and articles were written on this we only sold nine on epic thank God steam came along I'm kidding not that I need to say that I'm kid apparently I need to say that I'm kidding with with jokes like this but I'm kidding so for real though epic on epic we sold nine hundred and fifty eight thousand nine hundred and seventeen copies and on Steam three hundred and sixty seven thousand six hundred and one copies again crazy numbers on both an incredible success on both so that's yeah I mean that's just amazing we could we could pretty much see here though that like if you if you were if you wanted to compare the two and we don't really care about that but I know you guys some folks out there I'm gonna start comparing and making inferences and that's fine but if you wanted to compare them I think steam so far is selling quicker than gained epic epic game store so epic sold in about three months or something five hundred thousand the total number sold on Steam in about a month or whatever has sold 360 thousand so it's slated to probably overtake what epic did at that time there's a few really obvious reasons for it you know obviously steam is just a Goliath so there's just so many more people there so that is that is gonna weigh into things another thing to consider is that there has been the summer sale and we have been on like the top sellers we were at like first or top three for a very long time and we're still in the top ten throughout the summer sale we did have a sale in Epic during those first three months as well but it wasn't in the first month so that could be throwing the numbers off a little bit who knows having said that I still in my opinion I mean I think steam is gonna overtake it there's just more people and nothing's to consider satisfactory is a better game now there's more features I decide one more year of exposure okay so