May 17th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Are Beacons decidedly being removed?

May 17th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Are Beacons decidedly being removed?

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are beacons desolate decidedly being removed completely or still working prizes it is it is I'll say this it's decided that we're going to remove them essentially, I don't want to say like it okay this is this is a tricky situation in my role right now okay because we have made so we have sort of made a decision that we are we don't want to have beacons in the game anymore, not as a recipe as a part you know, that's the goal but there might be when we actually put this on experimental and people try it out the new system there might be something we didn't think about you know that's that's always possible you know and we don't want to like say like assertively like no vegans are gone forever you know like because compared to the color gun we didn't see any point in having the color gun compared to like how the customizer works like it was just a worse version of it right and also the color gun was like the way the customizer works now was kind of also the idea we had with color originally so we just didn't like the color gun so that that was an easy choice for us to get rid of that but the beacons there's still like some maybe some doubts but for the most part we're kind of assertive that we are going to get rid of beacons essentially we're that's the goal we're aiming for that we are doing away with the recipes and you know even if we realize something, once we hit experimental we're not gonna add the beacons back in the recipes so that won't be affected by that, but I think for the most part people are kind of like agreeing with us on the whole beacon thin thing, and and like once you actually try this system out, I think I think it will make sense but it is we rip I guess you know in a sense it's kind of cool, there was a color gun yeah back in the day that was update five though so that was that was in the game for one time I don't think I'll miss them personally like yeah this thing like a lot of people some people use them like super, a lot super a lot some people have never used them apart from like you know if you want to build an explorer you have to make one right it's a bit annoying that you can't just like run and, just grab your parts from your containers to build an explorer you have to like whoops you have to actually go to, the workbench as well, so yeah we have like a lot of reasons why we just don't like beacons and they kind of overweigh the the coolness of the beacons if that makes sense, so so what I wanted to say before was that that's why I like in my position right now it's a bit tricky because you know I don't want to say like 100 that we are doing away with beacons but 95 maybe 98 you know we are doing away with them, saving saving face you know in case we get them back you'll be like I told you but, yeah that's just how it is, let's see yeah the same thing with the rifle cartridge like why do you need the beacon to make rifle cartridges hmm I don't know