October 24th, 2019

October 24th, 2019 Developer Highlight - Level Design

Hannah Talk: World Updates interfering with factories




this is a formal apology to all players
that are played in errors of the map
that we've been working on because you
know we add new clips sometimes and we
add new trees sometimes and sometimes we
forget to enable collision or disable
collision and then they just pop up in
their game and blocks everything so
that's totally our fault it's not just
me I so I'm totally blaming me our team
it's throwing him under the bus we try
to minimize like damage to player bases
as much as possible of course like we
don't want to ruin people's games
because people are making super awesome
and we don't want to actually ruin
that especially not with indestructible
missha's adding that to level is you
know kind of a douchebag moves they're
trained not to do it but sometimes an
area is so unfinished or so broken and
people have built into it we just can't