October 24th, 2019

October 24th, 2019 Developer Highlight - Level Design

Hannah Talk: Satisfactory work process




allows us to edit these tiles separately
so that way the landscape is split so we
can work one person per tile essentially
and then we have some levels that are
essentially invisible and they go over
it like like a little other layer that
usually contained the gameplay stuff we
can work on tiles well at the same time
gameplay can be added on top of that in
level so here you can see the
exploration level is loaded and there's
a slug and a creature spawn point in it
and they will disappear if I unload the
level and when I load it back in
they will reappear again there you go
the employee level design and more
aesthetic level design I guess that's
how you could separate it is that we we
we look at the purpose of an area is
this meant to be early game a large
building area does it mean to have a lot
of open spaces we take that into account
is it more an endgame area does it mean
more obstacles is more difficult than we
tend to make it difficult to navigate to
traverse etc so we can we can start with
the the big stuff like that we just
start building and then occasionally I
maybe of like oh this would be like a
cool arena type thing for for enemies or
whatever we make stuff and then the
gameplay level designers have to sort of
like it's right it's right or make it
work I don't think any area and the game
is done right now specifically right now
we're really taking a look at okay what
do we need for it to be done and there's
quite a lot of plans still drawing that
line of when is it done is so difficult
and you really have to sort of just
really look at like what is the
experience we're planning to give what
is the style we have and stick to that
as much as we can we're not building the
most hype realistic world simulator here
so we can get away with some things
we're building a certain experience and