October 9th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Unit Tests FTW?

October 9th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Unit Tests FTW?


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oh no no unit tests for the win dude do you know how much I tried getting unit tests into our game yeah he tried and then he quit people are like just not into unit testing I understand why I think it's because it well I know why I'm not I'm not not into it I think it's great for a lot of things but for rapid development like game development where you're doing new features constantly and you might change then you have to update the tests I mean that's the that's the trade of it is that it's it's it's not faster but it's more robust right because you you run into, run into all the issues I just think there's pros and cons and you should shut up but you know that's just me you know what I've got a solid I would have loved to do a dev stream where I just set up unit testing for satisfactory actually I feel as though I've talked about doing that for forever where because there's it's pretty easy to do, blueprint, verification tests where you can just check like okay if, if this blueprint is not set up correctly it throws an error so it can go through all the assets we have in the game just to verify them that's not super hard to do no I've said that for two years now I think I'm gonna do that we do some stuff ben's been doing some stuff for, validating art assets and naming yeah you know what I should I should pitch this to ben because ben ben might be into that I think ben's definitely into that if I could say he's into something I feel like that would be the thing that I would so all that time the editor was booting that was just like everyone is aware yeah not just oh he's lit listening oh ben ben shout out to ben he's the man she got it out to ben our technical artist yeah he's, he's a machine he's great it's brilliant what wasn't the listening damn it now now all you get is a compliment take that