April 6th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Mark Talk: Design/Balancing process for adding a new part

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Mark Talk: Design/Balancing process for adding a new part




yeah it's just gonna say like it's it's uh when you look at like the final product or not the like the the the things that we get to see like the the balancing changes and the recipes there it it's easy to like you know look at that and be like go back and let it look like okay what does that rely on how does that function like what does the math check out there i have a hard time like visualizing how you go from scratch and be like okay i want to make a new part and how will that fit into the things that already exist like that feels too much for me man do you want me to go into it i mean if you have time yeah sure yeah um i mean it depends where we are but for update 4 we did it in this or i did in a specific way where i generally looked at just the flow that i wanted to achieve because there's a specific way or game is quite linear right so when you look at standard recipes i wanted to achieve a specific flow of complexity as you progress so it kind of goes up and then a little bit down again and up again and down again and then in the end it goes up again and that's kind of the baseline that i start with and then i start to compare that to what we already have in for example previous tiers because i know that the next complex part when it comes to the aluminium that i want that to be more complex than the computer for example so i have everything from before that is kind of telling me and giving me uh ideas of how i want to balance the next parts of it and i know that certain ratios are really hard to work with and that other ratios are really easy to work with so i can kind of use that to achieve that that skill if that makes sense so you kind of just start with the baseline okay this is what i want to achieve and then you just look at the reference that you have around it and start filling that in from there