September 22nd, 2020 Livestream Jace & Snutt Talk: Zombie/Clone Players (part 2)

September 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Jace & Snutt Talk: Zombie/Clone Players (part 2)

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that would be pretty good i'm on yeah exactly it is tedious like it really sucks uh but you know and it's it's good for those who are here at the stream or follow us on social media or see our videos or whatever uh who can hear these solutions but there's like a lot of people playing that probably don't ever get to see this stuff and they're just like i lose my items and then they just quit playing which really sucks i think we're gonna fix that issue very soon uh that's good because so that it's it's not it's like it's not really been a bug because we have like made it there's been an issue or there's been a reason why it's been like that for such a long time and it's because uh the biggest reason why we don't why we keep your player out in the world so to speak is because when you reload back in oh like when you rejoin someone save you shouldn't have to like run back to like if you're on the other side of the map you shouldn't have to like run back to it um so what we do is we connect that with your online session id right and when you're playing quote unquote offline or when you're playing alone you're still playing online because you are open for connectivity so to speak that's why we are that's why the game is online even though it's not offline


and right now yeah everything's tied into that session id if you play offline we don't have a session id so we can't tie you with anything apart from like maybe you know like maybe your windows name or your computer name or you know there's a something that identifies you um and uh something that we did for the steam release was better connectivity with that session id to like connect it better with you know who the local player is as well so we've started working on a bit of a fix for that it's just that we need to make a decision on like you know uh what happens if you like join in you have a different site like all those cases we just need to make a take a stance on it but the local one i'm pretty sure is is like we can store like your latest session at the end and connect it with that when you're playing offline so you don't get run into that issue if you're playing alone thanks