April 27th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can you tell us what Power change content were taken out of Update 4?

April 27th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can you tell us what Power change content were taken out of Update 4?


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can you tell us what power changes content we're taking out of update four sure, something because I don't think we're ever gonna do this this is why I'm gonna say this but maybe I'm wrong maybe we should be saving this but it, fire me now I should give our ceo like a button that just like pulled the plug on the stream he's like completely kill it so like at any point during the entire stream our ceo like are watching and they're like seeing me like you know what maybe we shouldn't say this but it I'm gonna say it anyways so that they can just pull it you know, so yeah so one thing that we we were thinking of adding an update for we kind of decided not to is the the ability and we then felt like it didn't work out so so that's why we kind of scrapped it for update four and decided to just like go with the power changes that we have right now, all right, purely from a cosmetic perspective are the plans to add weather cycles, we want to but I don't think it's pause like we it's possible we want to and it's possible but I don't think we like it doesn't add anything to the game right now like we were initially we wanted to have like what was coming out why are you all so much going in chat, we initially wanted to do something with like when you're like affecting the environment that would show up as like weather effects and stuff like that that would have like some kind of at least it wouldn't just be cosmetic in the game so but we felt like it's too much work it doesn't really add too much to the game so we decided not to do it for now, I'm actually going to go back because- I'm sorry I left you guys dangling there with the the power changes, so so one thing that we I think I said this last stream as well so, one thing we initially thought that update 4 was going to be was that update 4 was going to be like a big power update like change to power in general, like the pho the main focus of the update was going to be about power changes with the game and we had a bunch of ideas on what to do and what would be like technically easy to implement and you know what makes sense of the game and when we started I don't know how far we got with this but we started testing some things and we, what's the word here as we were thinking more about this we realized that it didn't really make the game better essentially so some things that we were thinking of having is like you know power lines where power would like decrease over distance so if you didn't want that you would have to set up like you know bigger power line towers, to be able to like carry the capacity better but I don't think we we liked that eventually because it made it it added complexes to the game where we felt like we didn't need complexity to the game, the same thing with like balancing like load balancing with power grids and stuff like that we didn't feel like it didn't if it felt like it made just made the game complex too soon because power same similar with like pipes pipes introduced are introduced somewhat early in the game and they they change up the whole game and we realized when we were looking at these power changes that same thing there they're going to be introduced literally the first thing you do in the game is hooking up power so they're going to be there from day one and they're going to be complex immediately kind of off the bat if we do changes like that so we felt like nah it's adding unnecessary complexion to the game we'd rather do complexity in the saints where you're you're given the toolbox and you're giving it in an environment in an environment where you can sort of figure it out and we add complexity over time that's kind of like the the main design principles along a lot of the recipes and design chains and that's sort of like what we felt with with the with tier vii that it was just too complex too soon we'd rather give you new recipes that are interesting and give you a sense of like the scale of what's to come and then scale it up and up the interior eight sort of speed, so those are some of the power changes I think, there are probably more that I'm not thinking about right now, but yeah we just ended up not approaching going with that approach of having a update for being a power update, and we shifted focus also one of the reasons why we don't like roadmaps because if we would set like update four power and like you get storage power storages not really an update to power you know we did do we did make changes to power with the hundred percent and stuff like that that was something I think we planned for some time, but, yeah so those are some of the few things maybe someone will make a mod about this and prove us wrong is like no look it you can totally make it good, I would love to see that honestly I don't mind it yeah like low power power lines, capacitors and stuff like that we were thinking of doing that but we felt like it was overly complex whereas like it's kind of enjoyable that the power system isn't too complex right now, cool cool