August 17th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What did you think of the fusion photo?

August 17th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What did you think of the fusion photo?

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what do you think of the fusion photo that's what I was looking for in ugg screen before that's the tweet can you link it here nug scree the future photo the fusion so I don't know it was the there was the philip kurkarov guy yeah it's also on discord is it on discord yeah in the memes channel can someone it's in the memes channel okay oh wait I cannot if you maybe just show that before we go yeah if you have a link to it in our screen yeah hit me up it's in the discord discord okay yeah yeah I'll grab the it wasn't a tweet it was a discord thing right or is if there's yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it was okay what the hell is this why is my face just just go to satisfactory memes or no no no I'll get okay the image link I got it oh you already got it okay yeah I'll probably just do this so those of you have been joining the previous streams in the last few weeks we'll know that, someone said that I that I look like philip kirkorov who is a, did you get the follow-up on it yeah you've got both there nice, who's like a russian pop star or something and I said no actually it kind of looks like, a mix between me and meza you can see mezzo's here in chat vsp mezza so, no screen made this pretty pretty cool image thing all right here we go the tag there's the fusion you asked for this yeah there you go I saw another one I don't know if next we made this one as well but I saw someone also posted a picture of like an assembler and the two inputs were you and meza and the output oh that's amazing it was so funny yeah actually actually good actually good so stupid all right, all right cool, ignore what I sent to you actually okay, I'll see if I can help dude I would love it if we just had one, check the check the satisfactory memes channel mezza it's it's there it's like very very recent it's like one of the latest posts they're they're hidden behind spoilers so you'll know which one it is