February 11th, 2020 Livestream Jace Talk: Funny roulette story

February 11th, 2020 Livestream

Jace Talk: Funny roulette story


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okay let's see what's going on roulette exactly I'm gonna try I have a hannah a bit hey I have a funny roulette story by the way there was one time all of coffee stained I feel like I'm never gonna get this story out actually not with all you guys here girlfriend you say you'll get a hr strike but why did you hate hannah did you probably probably see she I mean yeah doesn't he it's it's no big deal it's just strike anyone else doesn't even care hr strikes for you all right so I had the story right so there was one time, all of coffee staying we wanted to we went on a little trip to, nice in france oh geez scared the out of me all right, and then so everyone was like exploring nice and I was like I'm going to go to monaco I'm going to take a train and I was like I don't want to come and everyone's like no that's what you sounded like all of you sure, so no one came with me so I took a train to monaco and, just walked around and checked some stuff out and then I went to the monte carlo casino and I'm in like shorts and flip-flops right and just like a shirt and I go in there I'm like I don't even think they're gonna let me in there's like ferraris parked out front and so I went in and before I went in- I put a poll on twitter I was like I'm gonna put all my money on roulette red or black and twitter voted red or black I can't remember which and so I went into the casino and I sat at a rule roulette table everyone's dressed fancy right and I just like and I sit there and I'm like just kind of sitting there and they're like playing roulette and I have no idea what to do I don't have chips or anything like that and just like the guy's playing and there's these two guys to the side and they go they're scribbling on like little notepads and they're like whispering to each other and this is like older ladies she's in like dressed up and she's like betting and blah blah and I'm sitting there on like I want to play but I don't know how to play, so I'm like after they finished the game I said to the guy I was like can I can I buy chips he was like yes yes and I was like here's here's money and he's like put on the table and I was like all right like I'm in front of these people and then he takes the money and then he gives me the chips and I put all my chips on red or black whatever twitter for and, and then, on that one I won everyone else lost they left the table and I took my money and just ran so that's my roulette story and it was enough money to cover my trip to monaco and back to nice so I spent no money it's so amazing thanks twitter thanks twitter always be better always bet on twitter yeah always been on twitter