May 6th, 2022 Video Spire Coast / Great Canyon

May 6th, 2022 Video

Spire Coast / Great Canyon

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the coral valley and the spire coast we've removed a large chunk of the mountain here and replace it with this quite lush cliff range on this side you also have this cool arch thingy and up here you can get a really good look at the biome and look everything the light touches is your kingdom okay you can build whatever you want here but what about that shadowy place down there the great canyon so stupid I know a lot of people weren't expecting us to make changes to the great canyon and that the great canyon was rather part of the northern forest but the truth is that we include the great canyon as being part of the spire coast region and there are changes coming here the canyon is a great place to create paths for trucks and trains to travel between the dune desert and the rocket desert so we wanted to improve this spot by giving it a bit more room for logistics this area is far from finished though so it might be too early to say but if you have logistic lines already set up here it's possible you won't be affected too much however we