May 6th, 2022 Video Spire Coast / Dune Desert

May 6th, 2022 Video

Spire Coast / Dune Desert

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borders between the spire coast and the dune desert we have this section of interesting pillar pieces a challenge that we always sort of face when making a diverse set of biomes is how to transition between the different biomes so this area kind of mixes assets from both dune desert and the spire coast and sort of blends them together there's still more work to be done to the cliff sides as well between the biomes and we're hoping to get the major changes in and that includes that empty section on top of the cliffs fixed in the dune desert this area has always been subject to change and we're hoping to improve this part as much as possible but it's unlikely that we'll it will be completely finished by update six and again it is not advisable to build up here alright but who am I to tell you what you can and cannot do follow your heart in the portion between